You’re so Berlin, Baby!

Before we get to the actual topic of this article, we’d like to sing a song of praise about life in the most beautiful, fantastic, fascinating and utterly sublime city of all. Oh Berlin, how wonderful you are. No matter how loved you are, you remain true to yourself – whether we’re just here for a quick visit or here to stay. You are unpretentious, hard-headed and genuine. We can have breakfast at 10 pm, or enjoy a Currywurst whenever we please – preferebly wearing a tux or almost nothing at all –  and yet you’ll always be your unpolished self. Berlin, you’re not just a city, you’re a way of life – from morning till night. You have your own rules and your own time. Which brings us to the main topic: there’s a new watch in town! It’s made in this city and that’s exactly why it’s sooo perfect. It answers to the lovely name Lilienthal Berlin, is très chic (of course!), and sustainably manufactured in Germany under fair conditions and with the highest quality of materials (expecting anything less?). But best of all, there is a piece of Berlin in every single part of it – sometimes visible and sometimes not, but always noticeable. The minutes are displayed on an outer ring on the face of the watch, and since we’re always on the go, we wouldn’t want to miss any of them. The digits are set in the different typefaces used for former East (minutes) and West (hours) street signs – you know, it’s all about overcoming borders and so on. Taking a closer look, you’ll find the embedded crown resembles the shape of the Urania, our beloved clock at the Alexanderplatz. And much more. Each Lilienthal Berlin can be styled according to outfit or time of day – the collection’s wrist straps can be changed with a simple click. In addition, 5 Euros of every sold watch will be donated to charitable projects in Berlin. Brilliant! The pre-sale has just started and features a limited edition of 1440 (total number of minutes in one day) watches in matt silver or gold with either a blue or white face. Each of them come with an engraved edition number and two naturally tanned leather straps in blue and brown. Please order here! Use our special promo code FRIENDS20 with your order before March 21, and get an extra 20 percent off! The complete collection will then be on sale at the end of April. We’ll keep you posted! But for now, we’re proud as a peacock and are giving away a Lilienthal Berlin in silver/white to those of you particularly in love with Berlin. Send an email titled IT’S TIME to
Lilienthal Berlin L1 – limited edition | 249,00 Euro with engraving and two straps |