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We’re spending the weekend in Hamburg and are incredibly excited about the Altonale. And into the bargain, we’re going to be serving drinks at the bar of the Yoga.Wasser.Klang *Cittá slow-out festival on the Christianswiese. On the most relaxed spot between great yoga providers and sizzling food trucks we going to be cooling a great variety of drinks. Our flamingo Steve is already packed and, we just can’t help ourselves, we’re setting up a beautifully decorated photo booth next to the stage. Before, after and during all this, three yoga-meadows invite you to practise, exercise and relax, meditate and enjoy a massage to laid-back sounds, listen to the live acts and DJs, fill your tummies at the food market, drum around on water singing bowls and much more. Entrance is free of charge, admittance to yoga is with a ticket. Come see us, laugh with us, drink with us and take a picture. We look forward to seeing you and enjoying a fantastically relaxed weekend.
Yoga.Wasser.Klang *Cittá slow-out* auf der altonale | July 15th to 17th 2016 | altonale, Betti-Levi-Passage/ Platz der Republik/ Christianswiese, 22765 Hamburg | | Facebook

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Schleck, dance, repeat.

Who says you have to drink alcohol. Alright, some studies still insist that a small glass a day could actually be good for your health – but then there are other studies stating that those studies are based on lapidary statistical errors. Whatever the case may be: Were not getting into that debate, because that’s not the one we mean. The real question is not why must we drink ALCOHOL, but why must we DRINK alcohol. Exactly! And suddenly, you are stumped. Because there are some good alternatives. Especially with the Summer on its way, because mild evenings and hot nights call for Mojito Popsicles. Or a lick-able Gin Tonic. Or – because cucumber is the arugula of the 2000s – a Moscow Mule straight out of the freezer.  In short: Frozen drinks from SchleckDruff, an idea born from a hangover of the founders Felix Riederer and Alexander Katz, made in Berlin. The long drink and cocktail popsicles with an alcohol volume percent of 11.5 are all the rage at festivals, but are also a formidable choice for home parties, sweating it out dancing in clubs or as a stylish supplement at the barbecues coming up this summer. When the alcohol takes the route via the mucous membranes, the drinks have a more direct effect – they hit you faster but not for quite so long. Enjoy some laced licks with this ice cream for grown-ups.
SchleckDruff, Frozen Drinks | Mojito, Gin Tonic and Moscow Mule | order units starting at 25 pieces at


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Soda for your soul


Soda for your soul

Imagine the perfect drink. It would be refreshing. It would quench your thirst and taste of something more – unlike anything else you’ve ever tried. Not to sweet, low-calorie and adding a little skip to your step. It would break the mould and have the potential to sustainably affect an entire industry. It would be organic, fair-trade and super-stylish. You get the idea, right? We’ve discovered exactly that drink! And since trying it, we virtually cannot exist without selosoda any longer. Sound’s dramatic? It is! „Selo“ is the Esperanto word (remember that hopelessly romantic idea of an international language?) for the shell of the coffee bean – the part that is left over after harvesting and is usually thrown away or at most used as a fertilizer, while the coffee bean follows the path of enjoyment. Hardly anyone knows that the entire variety of aromas and the most caffeine lie in the sundried shell of the coffee bean. So what if you could take advantage of this wonderful resource and increase the benefit of the coffee plant dramatically? This is how it is already being done: In some regions of Central America, farmers have started processing the coffee shells and the pulp of the coffee cherry. A warming tea called Cascara is made from them in parts of Bolivia and Panama. When Laura Zumbaum tried her first Cascara the fruity flavour and the sustainable processing of the coffee cherry immediately fascinated her. She came up with the idea of offering iced Cascara in bottles. Sparkling, refreshing and pure, simply as a long drink or in combination with other juices or fruits. BINGO! selosoda has virtually no calories, yet the same amount of natural caffeine as an espresso doppio and comes along all sparkling with a hint of citrus – and without any added sugars or flavours what so ever. Sweet and fruity notes of fresh oranges, wild honey and ripe melons mingle with the scent of mild tobacco. All raw materials are sourced from coffee farmer Graciano in Panama where they are organically grown and harvested by hand and then carefully sundried for 11 days. The shells and pulp are treated with just as much care as the coffee beans. The price Laura pays the farm therefore lies quite rightly just as high as the price of the very best coffee beans. selosoda is produced and bottled in a little family-run juice manufactory in Southern Germany. Soon, the cute little brown returnable bottles will be availabe in more and more shops throughout Germany and from today on, you can get them online, too: Buy it, drink it, love it!
selosoda – softdrink | 0,25l, 3,30 Euro, returnable bottle, |


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