Shhhhhh, it’s a secret!


So, what’s the deal with all these symbols popping up all over lately? Little alien-like trees – actually kind of unsettling but just as promising – either glued, sprayed or hanging in numerous hip and feel-good places. The good news is: we know what it’s all about AND we are going to tell you. (It’s been a well kept secret up until now, but we just can’t help ourselves – it’s too good!) From August 14th–16th, the very first Secrets Festival will take place somewhere secret (duh!) just outside Berlin. It’s going to be unlike anything and better than everything else so far. Surrounded by water, meadows, a beach, woods, hills and clearings, the makers of the festival are creating a parallel universe full of music, art, fashion and design, food, sports and workshops, tipis and houseboats, with cocoons hanging from trees, sculptures, light installations, visuals and performances. For three days, German bands and international singer/songwriters will be playing a mixture of pop, synthpop, indie, jazz-rock-fusion, jazz-funk, neo soul and Britpop. They’ll be performing on wonderfully decorated and converted stages sponsored by partners such as TV NOIR, Neue Heimat, Hackmode and Suol. Minimal electro, electro funk, easy listening, hip-hop and house will be sounding from the decks and there’ll be tons of live performances from chamber orchestras, street musicians or ambience & world music acts, all of them hiding in the midst of the forest while sound and nature intertwine. Among others, Roosevelt, Leslie Clio and The Acid are on board. Headlining acts are … umm, still a secret of course. (You get the theme here?) Ben Bommer (Parker Bowles, Neue Heimat) put together the food concept and also got Schneeweiß to set up a stall with their delicious food. Sip on dapper drinks from the BOOZE BAR (this year’s Mixology Bar Awards winner), dance the night away and then get centred again with some morning yoga and massages. The Secrets Festival wants you to enjoy yourself: let it linger, join the fun, crank it up or just wind down – whatever makes you happy. This idea is so in sync with the spirit of our times you ask yourself why anybody hasn’t thought of this before. So, say goodbye to passed out drunks, yucky smells and shower-time outs. Hello nature, family camping, outdoor art gallery and pop-up dinner on the riverbank! If Utopia existed, this is probably what it would look like. Catch the virtual vibe on (access code: S8MPSK7Z) and pre-order your ticket. Official sales start soon. We’ll see you in the clearing, where – to the rhythm of the music – the sun glistens through the treetops just to put a smile on our faces.
Secrets Festival | 14.­–16.08.2015 | secret location (geographic coordinates: water, meadows, beach, forest, hills) | | Facebook