Failure Is An Option

The first contract, the first client, the first million. Talk about success? Anyone can do that. But about mistakes? Admitting that you trusted the wrong person, bet too much money on the wrong horse, looked the other way for too long? Difficult. For almost eight years, the business magazine impulse has been asking successful entrepreneurs about their “biggest mistakes”. The long-time column about economic failure reaches its climax now with a collection of honest confessions. 91 stories of entrepreneurial errors have been bound on 244 pages, between two linen covers and flanked by personal black-and-white portraits: failure can be so beautiful. And so Manfred Maus, co-founder of the OBI markets, tells us about when he looked away as bribe money was flowing through his company. Or the former chairman of the board of Hannover Finanz recounts relying on overzealous managers. Architect Meinhard von Gerkan trusted shady clients. No path is a straight line, not even those that seem successful. An intimate, direct and informative book that makes the life experience of big names tangible to us. And because we, too, want to celebrate blunders, we’re giving away a copy of „Mein größter Fehler“ to the particularly stumble-prone amongst you. Send us an email headlining “TRIAL AND ERROR“ to
Mein größte Fehler | 59,90 € |


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When The Sky Comes Up At Night


„Things stay with me until they have been all looked-up” says Hamburgs iconic advertising photographer Ivo von Renner. He has spent almost his whole life taking pictures, for all the greats, but shows no signs of growing tired of them. Because looking means sensing, remembering, collecting impressions and feelings. Luckily, his family shares the artist’s passion for collecting. From all his travels – which were pretty many in three decades – Renner wrote personal lines on innumerable postcards to his wife and, later on, his sons. This colourful, collaged mail packed with intimate and sometimes secret messages (his beloved didn’t even comprehend the implied proposal on one of them until she had a second look) was kept and treasured by the recipients. And now the sender himself has put them together in a personal book that takes us on a journey around the world that makes us yearn for wide open spaces and undiscovered places. And brings us really close to the photographer, traveller and friend Ivo von Renner. In over 200 post cards, the seemingly insurmountable distance between home and wanderlust becomes smaller. And the pictures, at the same time, document the world and Renner himself. “Dearest Cecil”, he writes, “Mami says you want a picture of Papi. Well alright, here it is! Love, Papi”. We’re giving away a copy of „Aus der Entfernung zu euch“ hot off the press to the most yearning amongst you. Send us an email titled “DEAR MUM AND DAD, THE WEATHER IS GOOD, I’M FINE” to
Ivo Renner: Aus der Entfernung zu euch | Distanz Verlag | 34,90 €

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Divine Food

Our beloved Gestalten Books have just published ‚Abrahams Küche‘ (the English original is called Divine Food), a cookbook that is so much more than that. It is the manifestation of cultural commonalities in a region that never tires of emphasising the learnt, unsurmountable differences between its inhabitants. It is a journey through the promised land: from local markets and Arabian traditions to the nomadic cuisine of the desert regions and the hip restaurants in Tel Aviv. Because Israelis and Palestinians are united by their outstanding and dynamic culinary culture. Hummus? Everyone loves it be it here or there. The (attention!) Isreali-Palestininan cuisine has a unique abundance of flavours. Where trade routes once crossed, culinary intersections also came into being. Be it Shakshuka, Challa or Baklava – the regional recipes give an insight into the preparation as well as the origin of iconic dishes. The comprehensible and beautifully illustrated recipes and the anecdotes and background stories from applied geography make it easy to let the aromas of the Mediterranean-Oriental cuisine carry you away and introduce you to its traditions. Food? Unites! Families, friends, strangers, cities and yes, cultures. What would Berlin, for example, be without the culinary identity-mix of Döner-Thai-Schnitzel-Pasta-Indian-Currywurst? Right, pretty boring. Berlin cuisine? Here it is! Berlin unity? This is what it tastes like! Culinary culture means identity. Traditional recipes are like little culinary manifestations of a cultural unity. Even, and particularly, if that is officially non-existent although is has been there for millennia. We’re giving away an issue of this new primer for culinary international relations hot off the press. Send us an email headlining ‚BETEAVONSAKHA‘ to
Abrahams Küche | 304 Pages, 35 Euro | Published by Gestalten Books |


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From Scandinavia with love


There are photo books. There are coffee table books. There are artful editions. And there is SHARE Scandinavia. The first book by the Berlin art start-up Juniqe take it one step further beyond nice-to-look-at. Between two hard covers in the delicate blue of an icy brook lie 50 prints by 50 artists who find the inspiration for their art in Scandinavia. From the unique nature, the distinctive design, the endless summer nights, the eccentricity of trolls and the infinite vastness of the landscapes. And particularly special: each of these prints can be taken out, hung up, given away, turned into stationery for a letter or used as gift wrapping. Shared, you see? A truly magical product has been created in collaboration with the publishing house New Heroes & Pioneers in Malmö, which is specialised on photo books from an eclectic mix of art, culture and fashion. With this, Junique stays true to its principle »Art. Everywhere.«. So the Berliners, who have been selling art in the form of wall hangers, home décor or fashion, have now added the splendid book format of slightly larger then A4. And it’s hand-made. And a limited edition. We are happy and proud to give away one of them to the most passionate paper enthusiast amongst you.  Send us an email headlining ‚TOUCH THIS!‘ to
SHARE – Scandinavia Edition | 50 prints in a hard cover | 75€ | Webshop

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Invisible poetry

First, there is nothing. You hold a book in your hands – or actually it’s more like a booklet, the vibrant blue cover in A4 format accommodates merely 30 textured, firm pages. A large leering eye adorns the cover. SUNDANCE, it says. And »Natalija Ribovic«. Who is actually the Serbian artist, living in Germany and Austria, who promised us poems and drawings. But all we can see is is a gaping void. White on white. Rien. Nada. Zip zero zilch. Until, that is, sunlight directly hits the open pages. What happens then is pure magic. Letters and fine lines become visible. The more direct the sunlight, the more UV rays, the darker and more legible the characters become. Until, after a short while, the artistic formulations can be clearly seen, read and enjoyed. Physics on the border of sorcery: “Suddenly he was here // Everything became so clear” as she writes in one of her short poems that are printed in German, Italian and English in this book of texts and images. They are slight, fine observations of everyday life, emotional snap-shots, childlike doodles. The artist employs various art forms and travels the world as an illustrator, with performances and large scale installations and mysteriously calls herself a »cosmic assistant between the worlds«. The revolutionary design of the booklet SUNDANCE gives this title sense: The Serbian mediates between worlds, between nature and culture. She creates a cultural product that becomes visible only under the influence of nature. And thus grants us, quite simply, a moment of childlike joy and the memory of early letters written to our best friend in invisible ink. With the magnificent difference that the characters in SUNDANCE disappear again when withdrawn from sunlight. And the effect of the sun leads to new oohs and aahs again. And again. And again.
SUNDANCE, Natalija Ribovic | Edition of 500 at 24 Euro per piece| available at |

01_ final SUNDANCE Cover

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