Wine, Vibes and Song

Just a little glass? Oh go on then – cheers! Especially when the glasses are filled with wines that go by names like Moonshine Riesling or Sunset Pinot noir. But only if we can look at the moonshine or the setting sun while emptying them. Too much to ask? By no means! Until August 27th, the winery F.W. Langguth Erben from the Mosel is inviting guests up to the roof. From Thursdays to Sundays, you can take part in their wine tastings at a fixed rate on the 450 sqm terrace of the Rooftop Bar over Neukölln. And because wine tastes better with vibes and song, musicians and slam poets will create the right atmosphere. And not only can you drink the wines, you can also study them. Workshops, for example the cocktail workshop on Thursday, guide you through the wide world of liquid indulgence. The mix is completed by open-air-rooftop-yoga or just hanging out with friends and a glass of something cool. You just can’t beat Neukölln.
ERBEN Rooftop Winebar | Thiemannstraße 1, 12059 Berlin |  Until August 27th, Thu & Fri 6-11 p.m., Sat & Sun 4-11 p.m. |


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The 2 Minute Interview

Eyecandy makes eye candy. And this is how that works: Eyecandy are the crazy-creative photographers Fanny and Juliette from Berlin. Together, they create beautiful, colourful and tasteful things for the eye – eye candy, you see? So, you should have caught on to the name by now. Interviewing these two free spirits was quite a challenge, with them sometimes answering questions each on their own, sometimes in unison and sometimes one for the other. So much positive creative energy has to be let out into the world. In colour, ideally, as bright as possible. Or to put it in their words: eat, sleep, shoot, repeat.

Name: Fanny Böhme & Juliette Mainx
Age: 30/23
Home: Berlin
Profession: Photographer
Shoe size: 40/38
Favourite colour: all of them

Colour or black and white?
Juliette: No doubt. Colour.
Fanny: Definitely colour

Juliette: The sum of all colours is black. So we have them all.
Fanny: Because we always stay true to our principles and strongly define our work over the colour. We want to stay nice and loud ;)

What does the inside of your head look like?
Fanny: Maybe one can picture it like a Technicolor wonderland made of paper art, flying objects, colourful liquids, broken rays of light and lots of fluffy, cuddly materials. At the same time, there’s an empty white room you get sent to sometimes.
Juliette: There’s a lot of chaos in my head. All the more reason to be glad that our visual language is so clear and minimalistic. So the pile of ideas and thoughts is turned into a very structured and neat picture.

What do you love about your job?
Fanny: The flexibility, the variety, the craft and the creating, that we have each other, the unlimited possibilities, our office.
Juliette: We do work a lot. There’s always something going on, we travel a lot and as soon as one project is finished, we’re already into the next one. But what Fanny said is absolutely right and I do get the feeling work and leisure are very close together.

What makes a good picture?
Fanny: My professor used to say: “Foreground makes a healthy picture”. Which is right, of course. It just doesn’t apply to our pictures. Our work is less emotional and more striking and graphical. “Symmetry is aesthetics for simple minds” might be more fitting then. A “good” picture can be defined by many parameters – a harmonious composition, a clear line, social criticism, sarcasm, complementary contrasts, having caught just the right moment, the authenticity, the surrealism. Whatever it is, the idea behind or the emotion in the picture have to captivate you in some way.
Juliette: Lame but true: the perspective.

The best photo of all times:
Fanny: Sandy Skoglund „Revenge of the Goldfish“ 1981 – an unbelievably artistic installation. Surreal, dreamy and at the same time slightly disturbing.
( )
Juliette: I need to rewind another 20 years. From the 60’s: Jayne Mansfield in the heart-shaped bathtub. By Allan Grant. There is a whole series of her in her Mansfield Mansion. What really fascinates me is that it wasn’t staged, she really lived like that.
( )

What are you absolutely no good at?
Juliette: We’re both bad at arguing. At least with each other.
Fanny: A double somersault that ends in a handstand.

How do take a picture of someone who’s muxmäuschenwild?
Fanny: By letting him be himself and waiting for the right moment. If you find an emotional level, you can portray anyone authentically.
Juliette: The best place would be in our small, cosy studio. Somehow, everyone ends up feeling comfortable in front of our camera. Often with a bit of humour.

What can’t you get enough of?
Fanny: Good ideas, the sun and Juliette
Juliette: Pizza, pasta, ice cream. Haha.

What’s next?
Fanny: An #eyecandytrip and a grand exhibition with lots of bubbly.
Juliette: Exactly, we’re exhibiting our series “Don’t need it”, in which we photographed various Berlin characters together with objects they no longer need. We mainly portrayed musicians, Berlin greats, bloggers, artists and interesting characters. The objects are going to be donated to a good cause.

Which celebrity would you like to portrait?
Fanny: There are just too many. It goes all the way from Lily Cole to Jan Böhmermann.
Juliette: I’ve been asked that question a lot and there must be thousands of celebrities I’d like to photograph, but nobody in particular really. I’m less focussed on people and more on brands. I’ve always wanted to do a shoot for Swatch. And we actually did that this summer. I’m incredibly pleased every time I see the pictures.

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home?
We’d probably invite you to our second home, the “Schnitzelbrothel”: The Mutzenbacher. An Austrian restaurant in our neighbourhood Friedrichshain.

When was the last time you tried something new and what was it?
Fanny: A zucchini two weeks ago ;)
Juliette: I’ve been pursuing the motto ‚get out of the comfort zone‘ for a few weeks now. Just having a look at everything and trying to take a more relaxed view on things.

Last words:

Photo: @eyecandyberlin


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The Hour In Which We Knew Too Much About Each Other


Check his facebook profile! Never has it been easier to get information on another person, a casual acquaintance, a new love or an old love’s new love. But what do we find there? And what is it worth? And how much do we really find out about the person behind the profile, the network, the Google image search? How much information is good, how little is useful? It sounds pretty philosophical, but essentially it’s about something quite fundamental. In an increasingly media-oriented world in which information, securities, insecurities and drama are only a mouse click away, we often want to know more and more details. What we find reinforces our hopes or fears, leads us astray and creates truths in a digital parallel universe. What do we know about each other? What should we know? And how much “knowledge” is too much? ‚Die Stunde, da wir zu viel voneinander wussten‘ by the fabulous Berlin theatre ensemble Nico and the Navigators is exploring these questions on three evenings from August 12th to 14th in the Radialsystem in Berlin as its eight performers take a closer look at absurd encounters, tragicomic everyday heroes and their desperate attempts at communication. With newly interpreted songs by artists from Bonnie „Prince“ Billy to Benjamin Britten, the foul-body-poets navigated by Nicola Hümpel take on the rhythm of life determined by coincidences and rules. Who am I and if so, how many? The answer is definitely yes and ideally two. Because we’re giving away two pairs of tickets for the performance on Saturday. Send us an email headlining ‚AVATAR‘ to By the way, you’re invited to stay for a panel discussion respectively closing lecture, served with a side of culinary highlights and stiff drinks on the Seeterasse. The tickets cost between 14 and 24 Euros and are worth every penny.
Die Stunde da wir zu viel voneinander wussten | 12.,13.,14.08. | Radialsystem V, Holzmarktstr. 33, 10243 Berlin | Tickets: 14/18/24 Euro, discounted 11 Euro  | | Photo: Dieter Hartwig

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Sharing is caring


More than 50 percent of our agricultural crops end up as rubbish because they don’t fit the norm regarding shape and size, because their sell-by date is too cautious and short or simply because it keeps the economy going. Nobody in their right mind can think this is good. But what can we do to work against food waste? From August 12th to 14th, the fifth International Food Sharing Festival is taking place on the grounds of the Malzfabrik in Berlin. In many workshops, exciting talks, heated discussions, large group meetings and further numerous activities, newbies and experienced food activists can exchange and inspire each other, work on ideas and solutions, find out how to actually build a raised garden bed, save forgotten fruit or learn to tell green from green during a herbal expedition. The event is completely free of charge and includes meals from salvaged produce. Saving food by eating food. Makes sense!
Food Sharing Treffen | 12.-14.08.2016 | Malzfabrik, Bessemerstraße 2, 12103 Berlin | Webseite | Facebook | Tickets | Photo: Food Sharing Festival

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Sway Clarke

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

The 2 Minute Interview

Sway Clarke has Cuban-Jamaican roots, actually comes from Toronto but lives in Berlin. Which is good. Because that way, we get to enjoy his fabulous voice, which the press places somewhere between Lorde and Frank Ocean, much more often. How is that possible? For the New York Times, at least, he is the „next big thing“ – even though his first official EP ‚Bad Love‘ just came out. Well, we wanted to find out more and invited him over for some cross-examination. Which lead to a discussion of all kinds of topics, from colour-blindness to diarrhoea and toilets as a place to write. But whether Sway Clarke is actually his real name – we forgot to ask. Sounds like swag, definitely has swag. Cool dude! PS: yes, that really is his actual phone number further down. Give him a call!

Name: Sway Clarke
Age: 29
Home: Berlin
Profession: Musician / Trump-hater
Shoe size: 9.5 (US)
Favourite food: Ackee & saltfish
Contact: +491727350807
Toronto or Berlin?
Pretty hard to decide – but if I really had to choose it would be “The 6”! Sorry Berlin.

Do you have musical role-models?
Unfortunately, I don’t and I regret that a little. Sometimes, it takes much, much too long to find accords to my melody :(

Up late or up early?
Both…“I Don’t SLEEP Much“

How do you write music?
Mostly, I write on the toilet or in the bathroom. To me, the smallest room of the house is the most hallowed place on earth.

The famous island, one iPod, three songs. Which ones?
Stevie Wonder “As”
Radiohead “Climbing Up The Walls”
Kanye “Flashing Lights“

What is typical for you?
Muesli. I make my own muesli at home and eat it almost every day. On tour, too. Always.

What are you absolutely no good at?
Eating eggs and smoking pot. Totally useless.

Your favourite German word?
Flitzekacke (which is colloquial for diarrhoea). It was the first word I learnt at the Goethe Institute. It’s fun to pronounce.

Which event in your life has left the most lasting impression so far?
When my father left my family, that was a very dramatic moment of my life.

Which superpower would you like to have?
To read other peoples’ minds. But only, if I also have the power to turn it off again, too :)

Which artist would you really like to work with?
Stevie Wonder

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home?
Maybe Indian. I really love it and have lots of different curries at home. Or, if we’re having breakfast: muesli, of course!

What are you afraid of?
Eggs and pot.

When was the last time you tried something new for the first time and what was it?
Hand out my mobile number in an interview. When? Well technically, the moment you guys publish this interview! :)

What should no one know about you?
That I bite my nails.

Last words:
Disney Ruined My Life!

Photo: Steven Glashier

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Susanna Kim

The 2 Minute Interview

PR and communications ace in the Bechstein Network by day, DJ par excellence by night. Susanna Kim, better known as DJ IAMKIMKONG, pretty much taught herself how to DJ. Since 2013, not only her friends are big fans of the Korean but the rest of the world is also hooked on her mix of Hip Hop and chart music. Always equipped with a banana as a perfect snack – “The ingenious jungle-sausage traditionally comes in its own soft pack” – she had already been working on the perfect iTunes playlist for quite some time when the designer Hien Le discovered her. Gigs in the fashion industry followed. We have already been dancing to her fabulous music at fashion shows and events in Berlin concept stores, her regular gigs at the Prince Charles and recently at the MELT! Festival. Finally, the superwoman from the Ruhr will let us in on secrets like how to liven up lame audiences and what helps to clear the dance floor when the party’s over. If you want to hear her live again soon, head for the MS Dockville! So now, let’s „shut up and dance!“

Name: Susanna Kim
Age: 36
Home: Berlin
Profession: Communications / PR & DJ
Shoe size: 37
Favourite record: Difficult question. But one of my first favourite albums was Erykah Badu’s Baduizm.
Contact: | Facebook | Instagram

Which song always works?
With the crowd? Hypnotize by The Notorious B.I.G.

Where du you personally go to party?
Ummm, to the Prince Charles.

Nobody’s dancing – what do you do?
First a drink, then Hypnotize by The Notorious B.I.G.

At which legendary party would you have liked to have been in charge of the music?
At my own wedding. ;)

Agency during the day and DJ-ing at night. When do you sleep?
Usually between night and day. And power naps help!

Please complete: I said a Hip Hop…
…the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop and you don’t stop the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jump the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie the beat.

The three ultimate last dances?
The only thing that really helps is no more music. But before that happens, I like to play Purple Rain by Prince.

What do you sing under the shower?
I have actually never done that. I more of a car-driving-singer – but only when I’m alone, it’s better that way!

What would you like to be better at?
Oh, a lot of things. But mainly Korean.

Your greatest success so far?
Well, superlatives are a bit difficult, but playing at the Melt! Festival last Saturday with the Prince Charles Crew was definitely a total blast.

What’s next?
Surprise me! :D But I have been wanting to make more mixes for ages –  that’s definitely planned for August!

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home?
Something Korean.

What are you afraid of?
The depth of the ocean makes me feel uneasy. The notion of floating across the open sea for days is creepy to me, but on the other hand I find the deep sea extremely fascinating.

When was the last time you tried something new and what was it?
When I’m DJ-ing I’m always trying new things. Sometimes it works really well and sometimes I really botch it up and possibly end up playing Hypnotize… :D

What should no one know about you?
That I’m so bad at geography.

Which question should we have asked?
Why nougat makes me angry.

Last words: I like to leave those to others.

Photo: Eyecandy


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On the spot!



What do Lady Gaga, David Beckham and Lena Dunham have in common? All three of them really love going nowhere really fast. The fitness revolution indoor-cycling that started in the US has now come to Germany. And it’s about so much more than just cycling on the spot. The focus is not just on the sport, it’s on the common experience and the lifestyle. BECYCLE from Berlin turns the high-power cardio workout into an electrifying electro party in their first Studio in the Brunnenstraße. Beats by hip Berlin DJs are made to match the workout. Motivating instructors from LA, New York and London inspire to reach athletic peaks. And everybody goes: Yeah! So now you can even enjoy club feeling while being sporty and move your legs to the rhythm of the city. At BECYCLE, it’s almost like it takes over the pedals and fires us up with energy. Next to spinning, which forms the focus, you can also put your power into the newest trends in core training, barre training or yoga in its various forms. The courses are spread across the whole day and can be booked individually on the website. You don’t need a membership. The course fee includes rental of spinning shoes and also water, shampoo, towels and other goodies. And did we mention that the studio looks and feels incredibly good? Raw walls, wood, spa showers with Leogant-conditioned water and a modern sound system give it a design hotel flair. No question, that place is on a roll, er, spin.  And rightfully so.
BECYCLE | Brunnenstr. 24, 10119 Berlin | | Photo: Mike Fuchs

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Constanze Hallensleben

The 2 Minute Interview

In 1999, Constanze Hallensleben founded the first exclusive order catalogue and online shop in Germany: pad paradscha. For several years, she has been developing individual solutions on the topics of interior and marketing for creme marketing, the focus being on optimisation of hotel and restaurant concepts. But above all, she is the initiator of the creme guide, existing since 2013 and presenting an exclusive and reliably distinguished selection of regional and national lifestyle topics, beautiful places such as restaurants, cafés, shops or travel destinations, aesthetic objects and interesting people. Props! And what topics do you talk about with a passionate and committed recommender? Exactly: city tips, full drawers and her son’s graduation ceremony. Crème de la crème!

Name: Constanze Hallensleben
Age: 46
Home: Berlin
Profession: Interior designer and passionate recommender
Shoe size: 37.5
Favourite place in Berlin: The meadows and fields of the Dahlem Demesne

Friends are visiting you for their first and only day in Berlin. What do you do?
Breakfast in the Literaturcafé. Car drive via Siegessäule, Tiergarten and government district to the Museumsinsel. Take a walk and visit an exhibition. Ice cream at Anna Durkes. Visit the St. Agnes Church. Dinner at the restaurant Hugos way up on the 14th floor of the hotel InterContinental Berlin. A drink on the rooftop terrace of the Hotel de Rome. Gendarmenmarkt at night.

What does your home look like?
Light and friendly. Nearly every object has its own story. I love surrounding myself with beautiful things that stay with me for a long time. On the surface, I need extreme orderliness. But you better not look inside my cupboards and drawers.

Your culinary discovery of the last months?
My spiraliser for vegetables.

Which characteristic do you appreciate in a person?

What would you change if you had the power to?
I would want to show people how much happier a positive view on things can make you. What changes when we free ourselves from all the negative thoughts that accompany us through the day.

What do you spend too much money on?
High-quality, durable products. Good food.

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home?
Currently, probably pasta from fresh Zucchini with a pistachio-lemon-thyme-pesto, roasted bread crumbs and grated pecorino.

Which piece of art would you like to own?
A Paul Klee or Max Liebermann.

What are you afraid of?
Things people do driven by fear and insecurity.

What truly touched you emotionally recently?
My son’s graduation ceremony.

What should no one know about you?
I can’t answer that, of course.

Which question should we have asked?
What I love most about Berlin. The answer: Anything is possible in this city. Here, a person can just be the way he is. No one is disturbed by the other person’s lifestyle.

Last words:
Everything is good if you’re open to it.

Photo: Ruben Fees


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Now that’s Berlin



When have you truly seen Berlin? If you’ve watched a sunrise from the television tower? Spent the afternoon dancing in the Berghain? Gone East on a raft, broken into the shut down Plänterwald at night? Yes, sure. All that. And infinitely more. A city is made by those who live in it. Airbnb set out to talk to witty Berliners about their city. Ask them what makes Berlin their Berlin. Which places they will always carry in their hearts and minds. The answers formed an imaginative, collective view of the city. And the artist collective 44flavors has turned it into a colourful, lively exhibition. So the Hallesche Haus, located by the gate of the same name, is being turned into the #LiveThereHaus for one weekend, a place filled with stories made for bringing together, discovering and taking part. Everyone can bring their own Berlin story and build onto the house, the small world. Exciting Berliners are sharing their skills for some extra entertainment: you can brew with BRLO, groove with Nikeata Thompson, get crafty with Sarah from This Is Jane Wayneor discuss with Michael Nast. That’s what makes Berlin Berlin.
The Berlin #LiveThere Haus | July 13th to 17th | Hallesches Haus, Tempelhofer Ufer 1, 10961 Berlin| und Facebook

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Gourmandise and Groove

Describe a perfect day. Well, that’s a no-brainer for us. Inevitably, it’s going to include friends, perfect weather, really good music (live if possible) and really delicious food (in a non-bourgeois atmosphere). Which means there are quite a few perfect days coming up, because our favourite delivery service client is going on a Bites & Vibes Summer Tour. Which means: all of the above. The best restaurants from the foodora portfolio are presenting their culinary creations in a street food format. Hand-made pasta, juicy burgers, exotic curries or pimped deli classics can be enjoyed while sauntering along – and that’s going on in 5 German cities. The street food markets in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf and Cologne are accompanied by acoustic delicacies. Selected live acts and DJs deliver the beats to match the bites. The culinary kick-off is taking place this weekend in the capital. So we’ve already started reducing our daily food-intake to make room for fermented super-cabbage from Fräulein Kimchi, vegan Donuts by Brammibal, literarily inspired burger creations by Schiller Burger and further foodie surprises. That will, we rejoice, be a perfect day!
Bites & Vibes by foodora Summer Tour | July 16th Berlin, July 23rd Munich, July 30th Düsseldorf, July 31st Hamburg, August 13th Cologne  | Facebook


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