If I Only Knew…


How exactly does our brain work? How did the universe come into being? Why are some brands successful and others not? And how can I get a grip on that migraine? We want to know everything and so often, the answer to everything seems just one click away. But most of the time, what we read in forums, Wikipedia articles and social media posts doesn’t really lead to satisfactory enlightenment or life-changing insights. Information yes, knowledge no. Why can no one answer the questions of our time in digestible portions, so that we can not just hear them, but understand and take them with us. The founders of Highbrow asked themselves exactly that question. And answered it themselves straight away: Highbrow fills our daily knowledge gaps with free courses that we can have sent to our inbox daily. Divided into 5-minute-workshops, the courses on offer from the areas art, philosophy, history, cooking, science, nature, languages, etc. make us a little wiser each day. If you don’t want to specialise on one area of expertise, you can just browse through all of them merrily – or take on the Highbrow Challenge and let chance decide what you’ll learn every day for 30 days. So now you know. A little more each day, that is.
Highbrow | gohighbrow.com

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From Scandinavia with love


There are photo books. There are coffee table books. There are artful editions. And there is SHARE Scandinavia. The first book by the Berlin art start-up Juniqe take it one step further beyond nice-to-look-at. Between two hard covers in the delicate blue of an icy brook lie 50 prints by 50 artists who find the inspiration for their art in Scandinavia. From the unique nature, the distinctive design, the endless summer nights, the eccentricity of trolls and the infinite vastness of the landscapes. And particularly special: each of these prints can be taken out, hung up, given away, turned into stationery for a letter or used as gift wrapping. Shared, you see? A truly magical product has been created in collaboration with the publishing house New Heroes & Pioneers in Malmö, which is specialised on photo books from an eclectic mix of art, culture and fashion. With this, Junique stays true to its principle »Art. Everywhere.«. So the Berliners, who have been selling art in the form of wall hangers, home décor or fashion, have now added the splendid book format of slightly larger then A4. And it’s hand-made. And a limited edition. We are happy and proud to give away one of them to the most passionate paper enthusiast amongst you.  Send us an email headlining ‚TOUCH THIS!‘ to hurra@muxmaeuschenwild.de.
SHARE – Scandinavia Edition | 50 prints in a hard cover | 75€ | Webshop

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Who is Jack?


Who is Jack?

The 2 Minute Interview

Who is Jack? isn’t a question, it’s a statement. Since 2012, the so-named international formation around actor and musician Sven Carl Gusowski and actor and director Christian David Fischer have been developing interdisciplinary cultural projects focussed on theatre and local attachment in Berlin Neukölln. Content wise, the network deals with topics such as identity and the fragmentation of personalities caused by the ’new‘ media, separation and isolation in social agglomerations as well as finding a definition for the terms ‚homeland‘ and ‚at home‘. Whew, so in plain English that’s: step outside your front door, there are others waiting! Last week, he or she celebrated the debut of his/her revue „Wandering Stars“ about displaced people in the popular Heimathafen. On April 21st, 22nd, 29th and 30th you’ll have another chance of getting to the bottom of this. Our rating: do it! Why, wherefore and for what reason? That’s what we wanted to know and got an answer to every question. Well, sort of.


Name: Jack Buginithi
Age: timeless
Home: Berlin Neukölln
Profession: artist collective
Shoesize: L
Favourite piece: strawberry cake
Contact: weristjack.de

Who is Jack?
That is currently being discussed.


Imagine you have to flee – tell us three possessions you would take with you.
Pillow (can’t sleep without it), Ukulele, current playbook – commented version.


What does home mean to you?
I like being from East/Westphalia, I like living in East/West/Berlin, I would really like to GO WEST, but first of all I’ll be travelling to China and Sri Lanka soon. And usually: ‚Wherever I lay my hat…‘ (Marvin Gaye)


The most important moment of your life?
I’m ready for it!


Neukölln is best?
Lentil soup. Have at it. Parallel societies. Live peacefully alongside each other without everyone having to be the same – it works!


What do you spend too much money on?
Rent. No downswing in sight.


The role of your life?
Backflip, off the cuff. I can’t do it yet, mind you, but luckily I have some life ahead of me.


Can art save the world?
As soon as I can do that backflip, we’re all set.


What is the first thing you would if you were invisible?
Run around and hand out slaps, leaving notes with suggestions on saving the world.


If God is almighty, can he create a stone, so heavy, that he could not jump over himself?
If God is almighty, he could give me the power to make myself invisible when needed.

With which famous figure (dead or alive) would you like to share the stage?
God. But does that count as an answer if it’s about ‚dead‘ or ‚alive‘? At least I got ‚famous‘ and ‚figure‘ right…


What would you cook for us if we came to visit you?
Tinned vegetarian Ravioli. We better visit Christian (stews in all variations!…)


What are you scared of?
Of doing everything right and everything well.
(Geez, these are some serious question… Makes me afraid of the next question…)


What was the last thing that touched you emotionally?
See? I knew it!


What would you change in the world if you had the chance and the power to?
I would immediately put the liquid funds of all Germans in one pot and divide it up amongst everyone. That would make around 60.000 Euro per person. I’m curious what would happen next.


What should no one know about you?
What would happen if I called the shots around here.


Which question should we have asked you?
„Why don’t you answer the question about who Jack is?“


The last word:
We have a question to everything.

  Photo: Rene Jaschke


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Print me like it´s hot!

Print me like it´s hot!

Every day, wonderful art prints on our walls inspire us to accomplish creative peak performances. We owe the beautification of our barren verticals to the design enthusiasts of
Juniqe. This platform brings together young, talented artists and art lovers and provides affordable art for the naked walls of Europe. And beyond. Under the flag of their motto »Art. Everywhere.«, the three founders Lea, Sebastian und Marc are constantly expanding their selected repertoire. And just in time for pre-pool season, Juniqe now also has swim wear for art-loving individualists. The bikinis, bathing suits and trunks with their all-over prints are European-made from top to bottom and sure to incite jealous looks left, right and center – way beyond the bikini body. Be it seasonally tolerant alpine landscapes, colourful Summer patterns or tropically exotic with a golden pineapple or a pink flamingo – recognition in a crowd is a given. As is the quality of the products. The subtle shine of 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex provides perfect radiance for the subjects. All models are lined with soft white material that stays non-transparent when wet. By the way: these beauties can be taken straight from the pool to the party: interpret the bathing suit as a body, pull the high-waist jeans over it, Sandals on, presto, fancy Nancy! We’re giving away a bikini slash swimsuit to the particulary splashy ones among you. Just send a mail heading ‚ITSY BITSY’to hurra@muxmaeuschenwild.de. Get over here, Summer!


Juniqe Bademode | Bikinis, bathing suits and trunks starting at 25 Euro | www.juniqe.de | Photo: Junipe



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Eva Kaczor




Eva Kaczor

The 2 minutes-Interview

We are a little bit in love with Eva. Why? Because her way of life and her attitude towards life so perfectly represent the connection of spirituality and lifestyle, which we and many others admire. Four years ago, she founded the very successful art blog ARTberlin.de giving the art scene in the German capitol a face and a voice. She teaches yoga every Wednesday at the König Gallery, St. Agnes in Kreuzberg and occasionally she likes to go to bed early to then electronically dance the night away. Yoga + Art + Techno = Eva. Any questions? Yes. Is synchronicity magic? Who is afraid of failure and why the hell have we never been to Tullum?


Name: Eva Kaczor
Age: 38
Wohnort: Berlin
Job:  yoga teacher and founder of ArtBerlin
Shoe size: 38
Favourite asana: each one does its magic
Contact: for Yoga, for art eva.kaczor@artberlin.de

What inspires you?
People. Especially the crazy ones. With all of their wonderful fears, hopes and passions.


What is good art?
Good art reminds you of something that is neither visible nor nameable. It reminds you of something that is very personal yet universally valid at the same time. Good art lets you feel a connection and most certainly it lets you feel true beauty. And beauty may be disturbingly ugly.


Your next vacation: yoga retreat, city trip or island hopping? And why?
To be honest, none of the three. Instead I’ll visit my shaman-friend in the jungle with my closest friends from Berlin, then meditate in a tree house in Costa Rica, go to a festival afterwards and pick up the healer community in Goa and take them back to Berlin to join the Agape Zoe Festival organized by my friend Tony.


Share a magical place anywhere in the world!
Tulum – three years ago.


What would you like to be better at?
Replacing fear with love.


Do you believe in fate?
I believe in synchronicity aka magic. Every encounter in life is an experience I need to grow. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it’s pretty damn hard.
What should everybody do at least once in his or her life?
Look yourself in the eye and say I love you. That’s a hard one…


What is the meaning of life? To hear and feel your soul and to live accordingly.


How do you keep your balance?
Every morning, I do a short but hard workout. Then I cleanse my body with yogic breathing techniques and prepare my mind for meditation. And: I dance to techno music with my friends as often as possible.


Which piece of art would you like to possess?
A wooden sculpture by Martin Eder.


When was the last time you did something good for yourself?
Luckily, every day – at the moment. Yesterday, for example, I just crawled back into bed at 4 pm.


What do you spend too much money on?
All the money I earn I invest in good food, plane tickets and trainings. Luckily that never seems be „too much“.


What would you cook for us if we visited you at home?
Oh God! I can make roasted pumpkin…and hummus!


What are you afraid of?
I’m afraid my fear could keep me from doing the things my soul whispers to me.


When was the last time you did something for the first time and what was it?
It feels like I do new things every day. But one of the greatest recent experiences was about two months ago, teaching a yoga class for the first time in the breath-taking St Agnes church that is part of GALERIE KÖNIG. Surrounded by art and with 50 Yogis. Since then, I’ve been doing it every Wednesday and it feels like a new experience every single time.


What should no one know about you?
Good question. Honestly, I’d like to share my weaknesses with more people. I’ll start with that right now: Sometimes, I have a strong fear of failure.


Which question should we have asked?
Which piece of advice would you have given little Eva 20 years ago? Answer: Absolutely everything that you have the slightest notion of and love will come true eventually. ;-)


Last Words:
Thank you for giving so many wonderful people a platform here.


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A room with a view


A room with a view

An abandoned hotel in the middle of the city – completely empty and gutted. 33 rooms stripped down to the core. Come on Berlin, show us some magic! In collaboration with ZEIT Magazin, GALERIE CRONE has invited 33 international emerging artists to present their work on a total of 5 floors and turn “The Vacancy” into a 1,400-sqm art exhibition before expansion and rebuilding begin. Temporary space at its best! The participating artists each have their individual approach to the still existing architecture and the interim presentation. Their artistic media include paintings, sculptures, photographs, video art, installations or live performances and their work explicitly corresponds with its surroundings and the temporary state of the building. The folks from Parker Bowles and Prince Charles have also set up shop and are serving drinks and little snacks. The Vacancy has been opening its doors since October 1st and the exhibition is only on show until next Monday. So if you haven’t made it there yet, we highly recommend to pay a visit to Friedrichstr.124 as fast as you can.
THE VACANCY | Friedrichstr. 124, 10117 Berlin | 01.-19.10.(!), Tue-Fri 1-8pm, Sat+Sun 11am-8pm | Facebook



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In recent years, hardly any artistic genre has evolved as much as photography. The boundaries between reality and illusion are as blurred as ever, icons come and go within a blink of an eye, and minor changes in history are lost in the endless stream of pictures. The intense process of artistic exploration often only starts after creating the image – in front of the computer, on a smartphone or within community consensus. But what actually defines a good picture? What distinguishes a good picture from one that is excellent? Having smartphone with an abundance of filters doesn’t necessarily make you a good photographer. Photography is a skill that requires inspiration, intuition, experience and the determination to share your point of view on the world – without being governed by the daily rhythm of blog rolls. Like every form of art, photography is about revealing a piece of yourself. Something that is so easily hidden behind foodporn, duck face and I-have-the-prefect-life selfies. That is essential the difference. Over the past years, the Ostkreuzschule has turned into talent factory spawning the best young photographers in Berlin. Ostkreuz-students are highly regarded worldwide. They have everything mentioned above. During their training, they have mastered their skills setting no limits to their artistic creation. They were able to make experiences and – above all –they were encouraged to find their own ways of expression. Starting October 10th, the graduate class will be presenting their work in a two-week exhibition at HO Berlin. Ostkreuz + HO = OHO. Oho! The vernissage will take place this Friday starting 7pm (free admission). More events such as a book launch and a panel discussion are to follow throughout the exhibition. See oho-oks.de for the full program. Go and get inspired. We need more pictures!
OHO – Ausstellung der Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie | 10.-24.10., Mon-Fri 12-10 pm, Sat+Sun 12-9 pm, Vernissage 09.10., 7 pm | Holzmarktstraße 66, 10179 Berlin | oho-oks.de | Facebook Eventlink



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Very Schee!

Very Schee!

Anyone who has ever scoured the depths of the world wide web searching for great art to decorate their walls has most certainly come across SCHEE’s online shop (www.schee.net) If not, get a move on! The selection of high-quality prints by well-known and still unknown artists is unique: there are more than 200 magnificent artworks by graphic designers and illustrators from around the world to choose from. Go to www.schee.net and click through the gallery shop. Since September 2014, you can also admire the wonderful pieces at the store in Cologne. A few weeks ago, shop number two opened at Rosenthaler Straße in Berlin. The other day, when were strolling from Rosenthaler Platz headed for „Kauf dich glücklich“, we suddenly found ourselves in front of the huge glass windows staring at walls full of pictures, wonderful furniture and abundance of lovely handmade pieces. The shop has been lovingly decorated and just when you think you’ve seen everything you’ll discover something new. The staff is so incredibly patient, friendly and helpful that you’ll briefly have to consider what city you’re currently in. So, if you’re looking for a gift – no matter the occasion – you’ll be to sure to find it at SCHEE. Good luck to shop and team – we’ll be dropping by more often!
SCHEE – Berlin | Rosenthaler Straße 15, 10119 Berlin | Mon-Fri 11am – 8pm,
Sat 10am – 8pm | www.schee.net

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The writing’s on the wall


The writing’s on the wall

The Somos gallery on Kottbusser Damm measures approximately 400sqm. According to official venue regulations, every person takes up space of about 0,6 sqm. In this case, that leaves exactly enough room for 666 gallery visitors. According to Facebook however, 10.505 people have already registered for the show opening this Sunday. What’s going on here??? Did Facebook develop a new event boost and decide to test it at the cost of the lovely organizers? Normally, this sort of thing only happens at asparagus parties… ;-) The graffiti exhibition features the work of seven Iranian-born artists living around the world: BamBam, Hoshvar! and F.cker from Teheran, Cave2 from London, Oham One from Berlin, PST from Toronto and Rend One from New York. In addition the show will also screen films about the Iranian graffiti-scene and some Iranian Hip Hop beats. Sounds good to us – we’re going! Hopefully the other 10.000 people won’t all be coming at the same time…
Tehran94 – the first exhibition of Persian graffiti in Berlin | 19.– 23.07.15 | Facebook


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Shhhhhh, it’s a secret!

Shhhhhh, it’s a secret!


So, what’s the deal with all these symbols popping up all over lately? Little alien-like trees – actually kind of unsettling but just as promising – either glued, sprayed or hanging in numerous hip and feel-good places. The good news is: we know what it’s all about AND we are going to tell you. (It’s been a well kept secret up until now, but we just can’t help ourselves – it’s too good!) From August 14th–16th, the very first Secrets Festival will take place somewhere secret (duh!) just outside Berlin. It’s going to be unlike anything and better than everything else so far. Surrounded by water, meadows, a beach, woods, hills and clearings, the makers of the festival are creating a parallel universe full of music, art, fashion and design, food, sports and workshops, tipis and houseboats, with cocoons hanging from trees, sculptures, light installations, visuals and performances. For three days, German bands and international singer/songwriters will be playing a mixture of pop, synthpop, indie, jazz-rock-fusion, jazz-funk, neo soul and Britpop. They’ll be performing on wonderfully decorated and converted stages sponsored by partners such as TV NOIR, Neue Heimat, Hackmode and Suol. Minimal electro, electro funk, easy listening, hip-hop and house will be sounding from the decks and there’ll be tons of live performances from chamber orchestras, street musicians or ambience & world music acts, all of them hiding in the midst of the forest while sound and nature intertwine. Among others, Roosevelt, Leslie Clio and The Acid are on board. Headlining acts are … umm, still a secret of course. (You get the theme here?) Ben Bommer (Parker Bowles, Neue Heimat) put together the food concept and also got Schneeweiß to set up a stall with their delicious food. Sip on dapper drinks from the BOOZE BAR (this year’s Mixology Bar Awards winner), dance the night away and then get centred again with some morning yoga and massages. The Secrets Festival wants you to enjoy yourself: let it linger, join the fun, crank it up or just wind down – whatever makes you happy. This idea is so in sync with the spirit of our times you ask yourself why anybody hasn’t thought of this before. So, say goodbye to passed out drunks, yucky smells and shower-time outs. Hello nature, family camping, outdoor art gallery and pop-up dinner on the riverbank! If Utopia existed, this is probably what it would look like. Catch the virtual vibe on www.secrets-festival.com (access code: S8MPSK7Z) and pre-order your ticket. Official sales start soon. We’ll see you in the clearing, where – to the rhythm of the music – the sun glistens through the treetops just to put a smile on our faces.
Secrets Festival | 14.­–16.08.2015 | secret location (geographic coordinates: water, meadows, beach, forest, hills) | secrets-festival.com | Facebook



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