Naturally good.


Naturally good

Our standards for food and drink have increased dramatically in recent years. Where does the food we eat come from? Must there be so much rubbish in it? Is organic the new ordinary when conventional means eating growth accelerators and pesticides? But does that also mean that organic carrots have to be flown in from Israel, apples from Peru? No, it doesn’t. The modern approach to a responsible diet with good food – and without dogma or doctrine – is based on the laws of nature, which existed long before industrial revolution or turbo farming. Fruit and vegetables have their seasons and – due to soil, climate and farmers creating an ideal basis ­– thrive better in some areas than others. Meat just tastes better when the animal it comes from was kept in an appropriate manner and fed with natural foods instead of antibiotics and steroids. We get that. But modern nutrition standards must also meet the needs of daily life: availability, convenience and transparency. Only very few have the time to only stock up on food at the weekly market and have a chat with each and every supplier. And that is where the Berlin start-up Bonativo comes in. In the monotony of delivery services, Bonativo has brought the farmers’ market online by delivering regional produce to Berliners and allowing them to find out exactly where their food comes from. Users can choose from 800 products that are sourced exclusively from regional farmers, beekeepers, bakeries, juice manufacturers and other producers from Berlin and its surrounding area. And the beginning season promisses a whole lot more products soon. Clever search and filter options help to select products according to individual food preferences and useful keywords such as vegetarian, vegan, organic or gluten free make shopping even easier. On top of that, Bonativo offers special ready-made bundles like the Smoothie Box (which contains everything for that daily dose of liquid greens) or the Steak and Craft Beer Box for a quick barbeque on the balcony. The best part is, the farmers only pick or harvest the food after it has been ordered. In other words: on demand order, just-in-time delivery and guaranteed freshness. So there is no need to store prematurely harvested fruit in warehouses any longer. Tree plus fruit plus delivery ­equals yummy – that’s as easy and good as it gets. To make a long story short, Bonativo offers lots and lots of products made by dedicated and passionate producers. We think that is great. The range is well chosen, offered at a fair price and delivered on demand at an individually desired point of time. We think that is sensational. Shopping in the year 2015. Labelled particularly useful. In Germany, this offer is currently exclusive to Berlin ­– more cities are to follow soon. Curious? We have a little goodie for you as well! Just use the voucher bonmux10 for your next order on and get 10 Euro off your bill!
_____ | Foto: Paul Green