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Overcrowded boats, crammed with men, women and children, floating on the Mediterranean. Streams of families, packed with the bare necessities, marching across the land. Emergency shelters, bursting at the seams, bare of privacy. Images we encounter via all channels, every day. They are important for recognising the full extent and tragedy of the refugee crisis. As emotional and disturbing as those kind of pictures are, they are also just as documentary. They originate from the point of view of the photographer or journalist. But every person setting off to leave their country to find a better future somewhere else has their own view of this journey. In December 2015, the Hamburger photographer Kevin McElvaneyhanded out 15 disposable cameras to refugees in Izmir, Lesbos, Athens and Idomeni. Half of those cameras returned filled with personal shots and deliver a unique document from inside the flight. They tell stories of deprivation and danger. But there are also portraits of laughing children, snapshots of families, unpretentious every day situations, attempts at normality. And at the same time snapshots from a parallel life, that often uncover their tragedy at a second glance. The ethnographical photographs are flanked by pictures from established photographers and videographers, such as Sinawi Medine. The Eritrean photographer came to Europe via the Mediterranean route himself and documented the work of the civil organisation SOS MEDITERRANEE, which has been able to save over a thousand people from the ocean with their rescue missions. All proceeds from the exhibition will go to this tireless organisation. The vernissage is taking place at 6 pm on Friday, June 10th. Go!
#RefugeeCameras | Spreewerkstätten, Am Krögel 2, 10179 Berlin |  June 11th and 12th, 12 – 6 pm | Vernissage:  June 10th at 6 pm | Facebook

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