Greener than green.

Greener than green.

We proudly present our new roomies: Miss Butterfly, Lady Marmalade, King Karl and The Dude!  Pretty to look at, boasting with pride and somewhat rootless but all well fed. They arrived with everything they need for strong growth: fertilizer, a first-aid-kit, an instruction manual and free nursing service. Fertilizer? Instructions? Are you crazy? Well, the new guys and gals are all plants! Bred and brought up by Jan and Philip, the founders of Evrgreen (yes, there is an e missing): the first online shop for funky plants. Apparently most of us Germans are not the gardening type. In effort to solve this problem Jan and Philip decided to give us a hand and boost our knowledge. Their sets are meant to help even the most hopeless plant whisperers to have blooming success. Evrgreen chooses particularly robust plants from German nurseries that are responsibly produced, handled with care and grown without artificial light. This helps the plants to improve in quality, to become more resistant and to bring much more satisfaction. Happy plants are healthy plants and need less care. That all sounds pretty easy, right? So they are ideal plants for offices or other shared spaces, in which rarely someone feels in charge. Put a fool-proof manual on top and it’s a done deal! It’s so fresh and so green…


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