Failure Is An Option

The first contract, the first client, the first million. Talk about success? Anyone can do that. But about mistakes? Admitting that you trusted the wrong person, bet too much money on the wrong horse, looked the other way for too long? Difficult. For almost eight years, the business magazine impulse has been asking successful entrepreneurs about their “biggest mistakes”. The long-time column about economic failure reaches its climax now with a collection of honest confessions. 91 stories of entrepreneurial errors have been bound on 244 pages, between two linen covers and flanked by personal black-and-white portraits: failure can be so beautiful. And so Manfred Maus, co-founder of the OBI markets, tells us about when he looked away as bribe money was flowing through his company. Or the former chairman of the board of Hannover Finanz recounts relying on overzealous managers. Architect Meinhard von Gerkan trusted shady clients. No path is a straight line, not even those that seem successful. An intimate, direct and informative book that makes the life experience of big names tangible to us. And because we, too, want to celebrate blunders, we’re giving away a copy of „Mein größter Fehler“ to the particularly stumble-prone amongst you. Send us an email headlining “TRIAL AND ERROR“ to
Mein größte Fehler | 59,90 € |


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When The Sky Comes Up At Night


„Things stay with me until they have been all looked-up” says Hamburgs iconic advertising photographer Ivo von Renner. He has spent almost his whole life taking pictures, for all the greats, but shows no signs of growing tired of them. Because looking means sensing, remembering, collecting impressions and feelings. Luckily, his family shares the artist’s passion for collecting. From all his travels – which were pretty many in three decades – Renner wrote personal lines on innumerable postcards to his wife and, later on, his sons. This colourful, collaged mail packed with intimate and sometimes secret messages (his beloved didn’t even comprehend the implied proposal on one of them until she had a second look) was kept and treasured by the recipients. And now the sender himself has put them together in a personal book that takes us on a journey around the world that makes us yearn for wide open spaces and undiscovered places. And brings us really close to the photographer, traveller and friend Ivo von Renner. In over 200 post cards, the seemingly insurmountable distance between home and wanderlust becomes smaller. And the pictures, at the same time, document the world and Renner himself. “Dearest Cecil”, he writes, “Mami says you want a picture of Papi. Well alright, here it is! Love, Papi”. We’re giving away a copy of „Aus der Entfernung zu euch“ hot off the press to the most yearning amongst you. Send us an email titled “DEAR MUM AND DAD, THE WEATHER IS GOOD, I’M FINE” to
Ivo Renner: Aus der Entfernung zu euch | Distanz Verlag | 34,90 €

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Extra Me-Time

If you follow the moon cycle, the year only counts 354 days. The remaining days are outside of time. They are the 12 Days of Christmas, a phase in which all is possible, the laws of nature don’t apply and the gateways to other worlds are opened. Says mythology, at least. We can make use of these old beliefs. From December 24th to January 5th, we can step into other worlds and into ourselves. Understand the time around the turn of the year as a time to pause, to have a look back and a look ahead. Bele Irle accompanies people in change processes and has drawn up a modern tool for contemplation from her own experience and traditional customs: her ebook takes us through the 12 Days, giving us impulses for thought, for exchange, for pausing. Topics like time quality, values and wishes, valediction and new beginning are wrapped into questions. Each person can engage in these questions in his or her own way. Take notes, draw directions, put together the new year from them. Because these nights might not be as mythological as they sound. They are a chance to, very gently, fall out of time for a moment. We’re giving away three eBook packages to the particularly moved amongst you. Send us an email headlining ‚DAY AND NIGHT ‘ to
Rauhnächte | Dezember 24th to January 5th | 25 €| Registration |



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Table Talk



So this is how Christmas is done right, isn’t it: You sit down at a big table with your nearest and dearest, feast without limits, drink too much, discuss and waffle on, hug each other, forgive each other one or two things that happened in the past year. Cheeks are aglow, the next course is served, the napkins are stained, the floor is covered in wrapping paper. When the last candle has burnt down, the hearts are still on fire. If you look at it that way, everyday is Christmas at Studio Olafur Eliasson. Up to 90 people sit down to eat lunch together daily at the Icelandic artist’s long table. And now, we can all be part of it. The favourite 100 vegetarian recipes have been put together in one fantastic book. On the one hand, this book makes you want to organise a gigantic room with a looooooong table for yourself and invite all your friends (the recipes are adaptable for groups of up to 60). On the other hand, this creation inspires all kinds of thoughts revolving around eating and cooking. Because ‚The Kitchen‘ is more than a cookbook. It tells the story of the studio and presents people who are passionate about culinary arts. It confronts with ideas about working and eating and shows how closely these two aspect are tied together. You can’t study on a full stomach? Fiddlesticks. The best ideas are born when we sit down to eat together!
Studio Olafur Eliasson The Kitchen | 39,95 € |  | |

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The Gift of Giving

Bam, another week gone. Well okay, there is still some time left to muse which presents to place under the tree for your nearest and dearest.  We are happy to continue our round dance of inspiration and are dishing out some more fabulous ideas. Muschi Kreuzberg has created the perfect floor covering for all lovers of the big city and hackers of gentrification: Carpet Diem, a play and matchbox carpet in 200×150 cm that gives the Kottbusser Tor a new, softer side – a tad costly, but love has no price, right? Cork and Piñatex, a material made of pineapple leaves from the Philippines, is what the wallets, backpacks and make-up bags from henties are made of. Turning a by-product of the pineapple harvest into fashion that meets high standards. Sustainable, natural and new. Because leather is so yesterday. If you fancy such a make-up bag, send us an email titled ‚CORKY!‘ to And since we’re in a generous mood anyway: those of you yearning for a night for two in a historic train wagon should send us an email with the subject ‚RAIL REPLACEMENT TRANSPORT‘, also to Because there are five wagons waiting at the Alter Verladeturm in Groß Neuendorf an der Oder, their floor-to-ceiling panorama windows facing the river. That’s what we call functional accommodation at the summerly bosom of nature. And now: bottoms up people – but with style, please. Our lovely Judith swears by the following recipe: Selosoda, the fabulous caffeinated drink made from coffee berries, home-made cascara-white-tea-syrup, Hennessy VS Cognac, white port wine and lemon juice. Oh boy, it’s called Sleepless Panama and if you’ve ever tried it, you know why. Take that, Red Bull whatever! This and five other cocktails can be mixed up in a jiffy with the Whisky, Cognac & Cascara – Sleepless Panama & Elk’s Cordial Cocktail Set by the fabulous Drink Syndikat. Everything included, even the how-to. Cheers my dears!
Carpet Diem |, 299 € | henties |, bags from 90 €, Geldbörse ab 25 € | Verladeturm Bahnwaggons |,  50€ per night for two, 80€ per night for four | Drink Syndikat |, 39,90 €


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Just swap it!


Recently, in Neukölln. „One double espresso long shot to go, please.” “In there?” “In there!” 320,000 coffee-to-go cups land in the garbage in Germany. Per hour, that is. That makes 2.8 billion per year. There has to be a better way. Is what many clever people thought and started different projects and initiatives that deal with this problem and offer comfortable solutions to change our consumer behaviour. The most exciting at the moment is called „Just Swap it!“ by Boodha Project and it’s celebrating its pilot phase in Berlin. Gently and one step at a time, Ulli and Clemens wanted to start introducing their to-go-cups with a deposit to selected stores in Neukölln and Kreuzberg. The feedback, however, was so overwhelming that more and more café owners and passionate to-go-drinkers are yelling for a fresh supply and larger distribution area. The Just Swap it! principle is easily understood. All participating cafés, bars, etc. offer the ultra posh cups including lids and anti-drip rubber cuff in two sizes. The cups are made of biodegradable bamboo fibre, are dishwasher-proof, extremely light and super nice to touch. For four Euros, you can take the cup with you, the first hot drink of your choice to fill it is free (a small goodie for a good start). So basically, you have now bought a cup for four Euros that you can take with you wherever you go and have it filled up. So far, so good. The special part is, that you can give the cup back at any participating café anytime you want and will get your four Euros back. Because they’re nothing but a deposit, which is particularly practical when you’re out and about without your cup but suddenly feel a yearning for a coffee to go. No worries, just take a new cup and bring it back whenever it suits you. To make a long story short: Just Swap it! is a deposit system for to-go cups. And it’s one that can really work. For reasons not entirely unselfish, we have our fingers crossed that this project will take over the coffee-landscape in Berlin and later on, the entire country. In closing, here is a personal thank you: Dear Boodhas, Thank you for creating a to-go cup that is small enough that you can have it filled with a double espresso long shot without feeling like a complete idiot. Size does matter.
Just Swap It! | Boodha Project | | Facebook

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We’re looking for: completed full training, communicative personality, computer skills, several years of working experience. We offer: a creative working environment, great colleagues, customary salary for our line of business. That’s is just about what a regular job advertisement looks like. What you as an applicant will actually get out of this job remains vague. How the company has positioned itself, which company culture is being lived, what exactly defines a great colleague is all not really specified. „Especially women find it very important to get a feeling for the company before the application”, says Nora-Vanessa Wohlert, who founded EDITION F with Susann Hoffman in 2014, the digital home for women that want to do their own thing in the job and in life. And that is why the portal is being expanded to include a new, specific and above all contemporary Female Recruiting-Service. Where until now, job advertisements were simply listed, applicants can now have a closer look behind the scenes of the companies. For the launch of the new job exchange, companies like Accenture, Deutsche Bahn, ProSiebenSat.1 or Zalando show what defines them as employers. Today, the culture of the company is often what tips the scales towards the job you decide on. Identification with your employer is more relevant than ever in times where a job isn’t just “a job” anymore, it’s part of your life. EDITION F has understood that.


The Tide of Fortune


„Millions of idle hours have to trickle away before one truly historical, one magical moment of humanity appears.” We wonder what the wonderful, never equalled Stefan Zweig might have had to say about the political events of the last weeks. His judgement would probably, as often, depend on the consequences that will follow. In a historical context, the dimension and range of current events become classifiable and logical elements of what we take for granted as our history. In his worldwide bestseller ‚Sternstunden der Menschheit‘ (The Tide of Fortune), Stefan Zweig unites fourteen great, fateful moments in the history of mankind: from Waterloo to the creation of Goethe’s famous Marienbad Elegy to Sir Robert Falcon Scott’s tragic expedition to the South Pole. The episodes are told in a pictorial, comprehendible and suspenseful language that makes you wish you had encountered them with a little more magic and less numbers and dates during school. His accounts have granted generations a real, almost immediate understanding of history in political as well as cultural sense. History is timeless and keeping it alive is an art. For this reason, book artist Jörg Hülsmann, designed, illustrated and interpreted the fourteen historical miniatures for the newly published book ‚Sternstunden der Menschheit– ein Stück Weltliteratur neu gesehen‘. His illustrations not only shed new light on a famous piece of world literature, they form an own wonderful work of art together with the words. This book is so beautiful that, once you’ve opened it, you never want to put it down again and carry it with you everywhere you go. It feels like an anchor of reason, printed on paper, like the alternative draft to all the social-media-hate-troll-tirades. Human greatness and weakness, fate and character are, as this collection teaches us, the defining factors of our lives – always have been and always will be. This book turns its readers into better people. Love rules!
Sternstunden der Menschheit – Ein Stück Weltliteratur neu gesehen | S. Fischer Verlag | 30 Euro | Webshop

If I Only Knew…


How exactly does our brain work? How did the universe come into being? Why are some brands successful and others not? And how can I get a grip on that migraine? We want to know everything and so often, the answer to everything seems just one click away. But most of the time, what we read in forums, Wikipedia articles and social media posts doesn’t really lead to satisfactory enlightenment or life-changing insights. Information yes, knowledge no. Why can no one answer the questions of our time in digestible portions, so that we can not just hear them, but understand and take them with us. The founders of Highbrow asked themselves exactly that question. And answered it themselves straight away: Highbrow fills our daily knowledge gaps with free courses that we can have sent to our inbox daily. Divided into 5-minute-workshops, the courses on offer from the areas art, philosophy, history, cooking, science, nature, languages, etc. make us a little wiser each day. If you don’t want to specialise on one area of expertise, you can just browse through all of them merrily – or take on the Highbrow Challenge and let chance decide what you’ll learn every day for 30 days. So now you know. A little more each day, that is.
Highbrow |

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Julia Haneke

The 2 Minute-Interview

Julia Haneke used to work in a large law firm. Whew. Is what she thought, too, and swapped the robe for cubes. Okay, that’s a bit hard to understand without an explanation – so let us help. Julia recently became the young and dynamic managing director of stobuco, a pretty genius modular shelf system made in Berlin. We finally have one of our own in our office now and are so thrilled, that we would like to re-design it every day. Because that’s done in seconds flat. We got to know and love Julia at the stocubo showroom opening in October and put her right at the top of our two-minute-interview-wish-list. Crafts and trades, male dominated? Pffff, Ms. Chancellor, may we have a word about fancy-dress-boxes, IKEA and last drinks.

Name: Julia Haneke
Age: 34
Home: Berlin
Profession: Geschäftsführerin von stocubo
Shoe size: 40
Favorite furniture: Was für eine Frage… meine Cubes natürlich ;)

What does your home look like?
A mix of period property (I actually live in one of these old, Berliner flats with a whole lot of patina and an old lease), a few pieces of furniture and, of course, cubes in different variations.

There’s a fire and you can only save one personal belonging from your home. What would it be?  
My piano – even though I have been failing to take up playing again for years. ;)

Your favourite weakness?
That I’m so easy to persuade.

Please complete: For one day, I would like to be…
Chancellor (But with a clear focus on the one day)

Your favourite toy as a child?
My fancy-dress-box with real treasures from my mother’s seventies-wardrobe. Unfortunately, my mother is now significantly shorter than me and her feet three sizes smaller.

Tell us a joke!

What can’t you get enough of?
Sun and last drinks.

You’re allowed one sin – which forbidden thing would you do?
Remind me of everything that’s a sin again, please.

What do butterflies have in their stomachs when they’re in love?

Which book, film and record should everyone have read, seen and heard?
Book: Jonathan Franzen, Purity
Film: Lost in Translation
Record: Leonard Cohen, New Skin for the Old Ceremony

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home?
A happy rump steak, sautéed in one piece and them gently roasted in the oven until medium rare, served with side of pumpkin in some form, pumpkin is always a good idea.

What are you afraid of?

What would you change immediately if you had the power to?
Common sense and reflection for all.

What should no one know about you?
Which sin I really would like to commit.

Which question should we have asked?
What’s the best shelf system in the world?

Last words:
<This space is probably meant for something very clever that just won’t come to me at the moment, so I’ll leave it up to my PR agency :)> (We like that, we’ll just leave it like that, editor’s note)



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