Animal Lovers

Is it alright to eat humans? Shocked looks, vehemently shaking heads, “Are you mad?” reactions.  Of course not. But why is it alright to eat animals? Let the discussions begin. The fronts opened by this question are outside each other’s range of vision, between them a vast field of arguments for or against the equal treatment of animals and humans. What if? What if humans viewed animals as partners with equal rights? What if animals enjoyed the same right as human citizens? In New Zealand, a dog was once nominated for district mayor, in Manhattan, animals are blessed each year in October and in 2014, a man from Dresden married his cat. All relationships between humans and animals are made by society – and can therefore be changed by us humans. The exhibition ANIMAL LOVERS by the neuen Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst nGbK (the new society for fine arts) presents artistic works that put a new understanding of the relationship between animal sand humans up for discussion. Confrontation is welcome: On November 4th and 5th, the Symposium „Networking Animal Lovers“ is dealing with different human perspectives of the animal, sounding out the boundaries of zoophilia, approaches the phenomenon from sociological and judicial points of view and negotiates the role of animals in the media. So where do animals stop and humans start? Or is that the wrong question?
Animal Lovers | until November 27th, 2016 | ngbk, Oranienstraße 25, 10999 Berlin | Free entrance | Webseite | Symposium


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And all that Jazz

Jazz – That’s introverted, sweating men, moving to the beat with stamina and a touch of nerdiness on a dark, smoky stage. Well, that might be one aspect of jazz. The 53rd Jazzfest Berlin shows that this musical style is extremely versatile and, above all, extremely feminine beyond the singers with smoky voices in glittering gowns. From November 1st to 6th, the festival in Berlin will be presenting a total of 22 jazz-formations, more than half of which are led by women. Julia Hülsmann, a SWR Jazz Award winner, will be making the start with her quartet, accompanied by the young Hamburger saxophonist Anna-Lena Schnabel – closely followed by a further newcomer on the saxophone, Norwegian Mette Henriette, whose debut album was acclaimed in jazz circles in 2015. Closing act of the kaleidoscopic festival will be the American singer/songwriter Julia Holter, who will be appearing with a project specially developed for the Jazzfest and several string players from Berlin. And in between a dozen concerts await (with many fantastically jazzy male musicians too, of course) as well as a film screening and artist talks revolving around music influenced by improvisation, swing and instrumental harmony. We’re giving away one pair of tickets for the closing concert to the particularly groovy amongst you. Send us an email headlining HEEBIE JEEBIES to
Jazzfest Berlin | November 1st to 6th, 2016 | Tickets | Webseite


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What do Frankenstein, Darth Vader, the sorcerer’s apprentice, Smeagol aka. Gollum, the i-Robot and many, many more heroes of books and films have in common? They all follow the tradition of the same Jewish legendary figure. The Golem was once formed from a lump of clay and brought to life. A Golem has enormous strength and part of its destiny is that it outgrows its creator and threatens to destroy him before he inevitably has to return to what he once was: an inanimate mass. Well, that does sound familiar. Golem begins with the Hebrew bible and leads, with constantly new transformations, into the present to gene technology, artificial intelligence, computers and robotics. And because creature and topic have been firing the imagination and thoughts of humans for decades, particularly those of artists, the wonderful Jewish Museum in Berlin is dedicating an impressive special exhibition to Golem and all his companions. In seven room-encompassing chapters and an epilogue, stories, objects and artwork from 600 years span 900 sqm, amongst them objects on loan from distinguished museums and private collections from around the world, for example the MoMA in New York or the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. We walked into this exhibition – which started on September 23rd and goes on until January 29th, 2017 – by chance last weekend and were so fascinated, inspired and confused by it that we just had to tell you about it. This is how culture should be. Edutainment on the highest level. Go and see!
GOLEM |  Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Altbau first floor | until January 29th, 2017 | entrance 8 €, red. 3 € |


Life is a „Ponyhof“


Well alright, the neighbourhood around the S-Bahn station Greifswalder Strasse has not exactly been known as the place to be in the past. Hot spots in terms of design, fashion, trends and going out are normally found elsewhere. Until now! Because the greatest market of the city, the „Berlin Design Market“ (designed for and with us) is moving exactly there, into the concourse of the former freight depot in Greifswalderstrasse 80 , to be precise. From March 2017, small and larger labels from Berlin and other places will be displaying their products on Sundays while food stands and a pop-up restaurant raise the culinary bar to new heights. All this accompanied by changing installations and activities. Have we mentioned the play area with child care? With this new, own location the market is also getting a new name: The „Berlin Design Market“ is turning into „White Pony“. Before the official opening in Spring 2017, the organisers want to introduce the new location to the Berliners. That’s why the first Sunday market is taking place this Sunday, October 16th, 2016. In a kind of best-of Berlin Design Market, over 50 labels from Germany, Poland and Italy will be presenting their favourite products which can be bought on site and taken home. The culinary joy of the visitors lies in the skilled hands of street food caterers j.kinski and Fuego & Co. Both will be on board as permanent partners in 2017 as well.
„White Pony – Sonntags-Markt an der Greifswalder“ | Greifswalder Strasse 80, 10409 Berlin | Kick-Off Su., 16.10.2016, 11 am – 7 pm | From March 2017 every Sunday |

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Side By Side With You

There’s this moment when the lights in the concert hall are dimmed, the last cough fades away and the polyphonic chatter turns into silence. It’s the moment when the conductor lifts his baton. The collective intake of breath before the first note sounds. This moment can’t be compared to the heated atmosphere, the cheering mouths, the hooting fans that herald the first strokes of a rock or Hip Hop concert. On the 14th of September, however, these two different atmospheres are being brought together for one night at the Konzerthaus Berlin. Thanks to conductor JIMEK, rapper Mo Trip and the Berliner Konzerthausorchester. Lebanon meets Poland, flow meets beat, Hip Hop meets classical music. The Polish composer JIMEK enjoyed an education in classical instruments early on, but developed a passion for Jazz and Hip Hop thanks to his parents’ record collection. He tinkered and sampled and realised that an orchestra is the best sample there is. The climax of all this tinkering: the „History of Hip Hop-Medley“ with a full orchestra. This piece will also be played at the Gendarmenmarkt. The focus, however, will lie on the Beirut-born rap poet Mo Trip. Together, they not only re-arranged selected songs from Mo Trips successful albums „Embryo“ and „Mama“ for the orchestra but also wrote three new songs exclusively for these fulminant sounds. Enchanting voices, sophisticated lyrics, pompous tones, the right beat, feelings, atmosphere, melodies. Is it classical music? Is it Hip Hop? Does it matter? Because everything is music and music is everything.
MOTRIP orchestrated by JIMEK |  September 14th 2016, 8 p.m. | Großer Saal, Konzerthaus Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt, 10117 Berlin | Tickets ab 27 € | | Foto: Sascha Haubold



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In Complete Darkness

We scan headlines in bold print to inform ourselves. We receive news by video and decide on which people are interesting to us by looking at selfies. Our pupils dart in all directions, looking, processing, selecting, next. Let’s turn off the lights. Darkness sharpens the senses – all the others, that is.  When we aren’t distracted by visual stimuli left, right and centre, we suddenly focus on the present, current. And this kind of attention is what art deserves, thought the organisers of the exhibition The Dark Rooms. And that’s why a six-hour exhibition is taking place in complete darkness in the Willner-Brauerei on September 3rd. The work of art alone is in the centre of attention. In eleven rooms, eleven international artists are presenting sound installations (Julian Laping, for example) and sculptures, 3D collages (like those of Jürgen Schwämmle) and installations, pictures and sculptural drawings (beautiful: Ralf Westerhof) – there is no limit for the medium. But there is for the light: each artist has only five spotlights to shed light on his works. If you want to contribute to art reception, send us an email titled ‚LET THERE BE LIGHT’ to We’re giving away 5 tickets for the sold-out exhibition.
The Dark Rooms |  September 3rd, 4 to 10 p.m. | Willner Brauerei Berlin, Berliner Str. 80-82, 13189 Berlin | Anmeldung für 2017


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He Who Works Has To Eat

The Factory – airy, unobstructed cubes over red brick buildings right at the Berlin Wall memorial Bernauer Straße – is the first and largest start-up campus in Germany. This is where innovation in form of humans meets up, this is where they think, fiddle, develop and calculate, discuss and share. Greats like Twitter, Pinterest and SoundCloud mix with freelancers and creative heads of small start-ups. And when else can you talk shop, discuss and brainstorm better than when you’re… right, eating. That’s why the Factory Kitchen is opening on September 2nd. And that’s being celebrated in advance, on August 25th. And if you’re having a party to celebrate a contemporary cafeteria, you’d better have some sensible food. Therefore, 10 well-known Berlin food bloggers will be cooking it up in the Factory Kitchen – the twins Sophia and Maria from In Search Of, for example, will be lovingly battling Two Foodies Eating , or Fräuleinchen will be serving side by side with Zucker und Jagdwurst. All the bloggers favourite recipes will be featured in the regular lunch menu of the Factory Kitchen in the following weeks. Honest, urban, creative cuisine is the claim of the central meeting point of the campus community. And we believe it. And are giving away a pair of tickets for the opening event. Send an email with the subject ‚YOU GOTTA EAT!‘ to Bon Appétit!
FACTORY KITCHEN OPENING PARTY | Factory, Rheinsberger Straße 76/77, 10435 Berlin | August 25th from 7 p.m. | Tickets | Facebook


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Hiking isn’t just for hikers. While some think of toned calves and cheese sandwiches beside summit crosses, others like to let mind, spirit and soul wander along with the body. The Wanderlust-Festival, already popular in the US, is coming to Germany for the first time this summer and is animating full-body hikers to take part in a triathlon of mindfulness. The focus lies less on athletic competition and more on an inspiring community and a feeling of individual wellbeing. The festival is taking place on one day each in Berlin, then one week later in Munich and finally, in Cologne. It starts with a 5k run and the only rule is to arrive at the finish line – no matter whether you get there hopping, running or dancing. The second part is a 75-minute Flow Yoga session accompanied by live DJs.  The third and final part is a hike of the spirit and soul during a half-hour guided meditation. All this is complemented by really good food, art and inspiring talks about all kinds of topics related to bodywork. The festival is starting deeply relaxed and motivated on the Tempelhofer Feld on August 21st. If you’re looking for a little sweat as well as a bouquet of high-fives and quietness, send us an email headlining ‚I WANDER, THEREFORE I AM‘ to We’re giving away one pair of tickets each for the Berlin and Munich edition. Walk on!
Wanderlust Germany |  August 21st Berlin, Tempelhofer Feld, August 28th Munich, Olympiapark, September 11th Cologne, Mediapark | Tickets ab 39€ | | Photo: Karen Scheffe

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Wine, Vibes and Song

Just a little glass? Oh go on then – cheers! Especially when the glasses are filled with wines that go by names like Moonshine Riesling or Sunset Pinot noir. But only if we can look at the moonshine or the setting sun while emptying them. Too much to ask? By no means! Until August 27th, the winery F.W. Langguth Erben from the Mosel is inviting guests up to the roof. From Thursdays to Sundays, you can take part in their wine tastings at a fixed rate on the 450 sqm terrace of the Rooftop Bar over Neukölln. And because wine tastes better with vibes and song, musicians and slam poets will create the right atmosphere. And not only can you drink the wines, you can also study them. Workshops, for example the cocktail workshop on Thursday, guide you through the wide world of liquid indulgence. The mix is completed by open-air-rooftop-yoga or just hanging out with friends and a glass of something cool. You just can’t beat Neukölln.
ERBEN Rooftop Winebar | Thiemannstraße 1, 12059 Berlin |  Until August 27th, Thu & Fri 6-11 p.m., Sat & Sun 4-11 p.m. |


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The Hour In Which We Knew Too Much About Each Other


Check his facebook profile! Never has it been easier to get information on another person, a casual acquaintance, a new love or an old love’s new love. But what do we find there? And what is it worth? And how much do we really find out about the person behind the profile, the network, the Google image search? How much information is good, how little is useful? It sounds pretty philosophical, but essentially it’s about something quite fundamental. In an increasingly media-oriented world in which information, securities, insecurities and drama are only a mouse click away, we often want to know more and more details. What we find reinforces our hopes or fears, leads us astray and creates truths in a digital parallel universe. What do we know about each other? What should we know? And how much “knowledge” is too much? ‚Die Stunde, da wir zu viel voneinander wussten‘ by the fabulous Berlin theatre ensemble Nico and the Navigators is exploring these questions on three evenings from August 12th to 14th in the Radialsystem in Berlin as its eight performers take a closer look at absurd encounters, tragicomic everyday heroes and their desperate attempts at communication. With newly interpreted songs by artists from Bonnie „Prince“ Billy to Benjamin Britten, the foul-body-poets navigated by Nicola Hümpel take on the rhythm of life determined by coincidences and rules. Who am I and if so, how many? The answer is definitely yes and ideally two. Because we’re giving away two pairs of tickets for the performance on Saturday. Send us an email headlining ‚AVATAR‘ to By the way, you’re invited to stay for a panel discussion respectively closing lecture, served with a side of culinary highlights and stiff drinks on the Seeterasse. The tickets cost between 14 and 24 Euros and are worth every penny.
Die Stunde da wir zu viel voneinander wussten | 12.,13.,14.08. | Radialsystem V, Holzmarktstr. 33, 10243 Berlin | Tickets: 14/18/24 Euro, discounted 11 Euro  | | Photo: Dieter Hartwig

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