A kingdom for my living room!

A kingdom for my living room!

When the lights are down low, an edge of anticipation is in the air and the band is right in front of you. So close, you could almost touch them, if you stretched out your hand just a little further…oh, sorry – they really are that close! Welcome home, welcome to your concert. Sofar (songs from a room) is bringing the magic back to music by preserving what usually gets lost in gigantic event locations: genuine and essential attention. In meanwhile 184 cities worldwide, Sofar regularly organizes small concerts where rising artists perform for a curated audience in selected private spaces. Check out their website www.sofarsounds.com for details on up-coming events. If you’ve had enough of concerts complemented by ohhh-the-drummer-is-sooo-cute- comments and permanently stretched out arms with a mobile-device-extension, Sofar Sounds is the right place for you. The concept is simple but stirring: music needs attention. Undivided attention. And that’s why the intimate Sofar gigs are made for genuine music lovers. No drivel, no Whatsapp-coverage, no distraction. It’s all about the music. Three surprise-acts perform in front of a selected audience. Likewise, the secret venue is revealed only one day in advance. Keeping everything super-secret in order to be super-hip is not the point here. The aim is to give an acoustic experience the platform it deserves: a benevolent, appreciative and respectful space. Just like in Berlin on October 23rd. So, if you’re in the mood for a unique and magical night, you might just get lucky/ you just might be in luck: we’re giving away a pair of guest list tickets (spontaneous applause appreciated, wink)! Send an email titled SOUNDS OF SILENCE to hurra@muxmaeuschenwild.de. If you don’t get in this time, don’t despair! There’ll be many more concerts to come… Register online for updates. Oh and by the way, most Sofar Sounds gigs are streamed live – not quite like the real thing, but Sofar so good!

Sofar Sounds Berlin | Friday, 23.10.15, 8pm | location will be announced on short notice | www.sofarsounds.com

written by Anja Vatter | Picture: Caro Pierotto by Zuzanna Gerulewicz



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