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Yasmine Orth is a real superwoman: consultant, creative rogue, yogi, networker and single mother. She operates a co-working space and regularly invites great woman to the Salon Mondaine in the SOHO House to talk about interesting topics. Her legendary woman’s network Goerlz Club founded in 2004 is now called Lover’s Club and is also open to men. An active community for a conscious life, if you will – or the mature version of Goerlz Club.  From the 1st to 3rd of Juli, her first ‚URBAN LIBERTINES – Conscious Living Yoga Retreat‘ will be taking place near Berlin. For three days, she will be bringing teachers, coaches and speakers together to support us stressed out city slickers in finding our own balance with yoga, meditation, live music, talks, vegan food, performances and much more. We’re in on the whole thing as a partner and are really looking forward to it. But first, let’s ask Yasmine about her personal energy sources, imagine what being a man feels like and dance barefoot to re-discovered electronic sounds.

Name: Yasmine Orth
Age: 37
Home: Berlin
Profession: Consultant, Creative Director & Connector
Shoe size: 40
Favourite asana: Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend pose for devotion and patience)
Contact: facebook.com/yasmine.orth, the-lovers.net

Describe yourself in three words:
Active, inquisitive, free spirit

What gives you energy?
The love of my daughter. When wishes, projects or events become real. Whenever I have unique encounters, especially spontaneous ones. The precious time in my garden and close to water. When I dance. And particularly when I meditate, practise yoga in a group and give myself al lot of me-time.

Would you like to be a man for a day – and if so, why?
Definitely. I would like to feel how a mature man loves, how a weak man suffers, how a brave man feels, how a clever man thinks and how a handsome man perceives himself.

When are you in balance?
When I feel connected. Resting fully within in my body, in my heart, open and trusting. I love the combination of a lot of input and output during the week and total deceleration and nature at the weekend. And when it’s just the right ratio of being alone and being with others.

What is the biggest challenge as a single mother?
There are quite a few: Achieving too much in too little time, earning more but still keeping an eye on yourself, always being strong and above all being a good mother to your daughter.

The whole world is listening, what do you say?
Listen to your heart more. Look into the hearts and eyes of others more. Let love in. I have to tell myself that often, too ;)

What are you battling with at the moment?
Always time. Often with the complexity of my thoughts and then finding peace. The broad spectrum of subjects I have chosen to juggle. And not having enough wo/manpower to achieve all the important things I would like to. Especially with our club. I often find it difficult to ask for help.

Close your eyes and think of something nice. What are you thinking about?
I am lying on my back looking up through tree branches into the wide sky.

You are reincarnated, as what?
As the soul I am. Just even more free and light.

Why can only women save the planet?
Haha. Who says that? It’s definitely time for men and women to give the feminine aspect in all of us more attention and appreciate it more. That just hasn’t been given enough space in the past 3,000 years. Without this preserving principle, giving life and nourishing it with deep love, dark skies lie ahead. And it would make so much sense if all people would realise that sustainability starts with our own personal resources. If we wear ourselves down all the time, it’s no wonder. More introspective, more love for yourself, more love for others, more happiness, more health. Pretty simple, actually.

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you?
I’d rather have you cook for me.

What are you afraid of?
I think any kind of fear comes up occasionally (insecurity/loss/livelihood/illness). Fear of something happening to my daughter and my loved ones. At the moment of the worldwide crises and particularly the political insecurity and propaganda from people who are led by fear. But that’s more of a worry. And fear can be good sometimes. It makes you attentive. I just try to find trust again quickly and appreciate that fear showed itself.

When was last time you tried something new and what was it?
I’ve been going out dancing again recently. The old part of it: electronic music. The new part: sober, barefoot and in the middle of the day. Really strange at first, but then it’s just a lot of fun.

What should no one know about you?
Where I do that. Ha ha.

Which question should we have asked you?
Those were all great questions.

Last words:

Photo: Claudia Casagrande

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