We <3 books

Tell me what you’re reading and I’ll tell you who you are. Books have caused friendships to break up. Because of reading the wrong one, not returning the lent one or mistakenly leaving the one with that certain dedication in it lying around. On the other hand, books are there to make friendships, to strengthen and celebrate them. The right book at the right time – to cheer you up, to rejoice, to fall in love again – belongs to the most valuable things there are. So there was never any doubt we could be anything but fans of „Friends with Books“. Behind this name is an association that has been giving art and artist’s books a public platform since 2014. This year, 160 artists and publishers will be presenting their books again at the Hamburger Bahnhof. A colourful bouquet is waiting to be discovered: self-published magazines, elaborately designed artist’s books and works produced in private publishing all show how closely knit the relationship between art and publication can be. For one weekend, the fair will be enhanced with lecture performances, talks and individual presentations. Art for touching, for flicking through, for making friends.
Friends With Books | December 10th to 11th, 11am to 7pm | Hamburger Bahnhof, Invalidenstraße 50-51, 10557 Berlin | Free entrance | www.friendswithbooks.org | Facebook


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