The sum of all


The sum of all

A band is like an everlasting friendship. After finding each other and teaming up in a shared flat in Erfurt, Marbert Rocel have been sharing their fluffy music with the world for 10 years now. And the world is grateful for it. Catch them next on St. Nicholas Day at Badehaus Szimpla, where the charming combo will be presenting their latest studio album: »In The Beginning« is a perfect compilation of lovely melodies suitable for dancing, day-dreaming or making out. The cross-genre sounds will warm your soul, heart and tummy in the cold, crystal clear winter nights to come. Feel electronic beats and organic melodies move (through) your body while the ethereal voice of lead singer Spunk floats above. Marbert Rocel is more than a singer, more than a band. It’s a relationship between four individuals  – each of whom has something to say but together their united power can create much more than the sum of its parts. A utopian dream come true when all things predestined come together in one single perfect moment. We’re giving away a pair of tickets for their gig on December 6th. So, if you’d like to be part of something so small and so incredibly great – at least for one evening – send an email titled ‚THE STORY BEGINS‘ to


Marbert Rocel Konzert | Sun, 6.12. um 19 Uhr | Badehaus Szimpla | Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin | | Tickets | iTunes Photo: Samdra Ludewig


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