The big picture

Please take up an uncomfortable position and put the chair standing in front of you on your head. Please be sure to hold this pose for exactly one minute. The Austrian artist Erwin Wurm sounds out the lines between sculpture, object and performance. For the first time, his works are on display in a monographic exhibition in Berlin. The centre of attention is the human body and Wurm’s participatory approach to letting the beholder become part of the artwork. The point of origin is the “Narrow House”, a detailed walk-in model of Wurm’s parental home, compressed to a width of 1.10 metres. The proverbial provincial narrowness is made physically perceptible to the visitor. And there are numerous drawings, models of dented fridges, huge deformed telephones and bent sideboards. But the absolute highlight of the show is the One Minute Sculptures. With the help of every day objects, the visitor is encouraged to strike unusual poses. As mentioned above. If he follows the artists instructions, he himself turns into a living sculpture for one minute and anyone entering the room turns into a witness. Which also means that the exhibition constantly changes its face. Or does it? Do the poses swallow the performer, are we all assimilated and therefore become part of the big picture? The exhibition is open until August 22nd and our recommendation to each and every one of you is: Go there. Get involved. Do it again.
Erwin Wurm – Bei Mutti | 15th April to 22nd August 2016 | Berlinische Galerie, Alte Jakobstraße 124–128, 10969 Berlin |


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