Through space and time

Inhale, exhale, feel the moment. Yoga in itself is wonderful and since it’s mostly about a journey to your inner self, it doesn’t really matter where you practice. But sometimes there are places that can help us to relax and let things go and maybe even give our spiritual journey a new direction. The König Galerie in the former St. Agnes Church in Kreuzberg is a place just like that. The massive concrete church interior is like a resonating sounding box and feels like an extension of oneself. A truly magical place! Tonight, Yoga returns to St. Agnes and none other than marvellous Eva Kazcor (whom we introduced a couple of weeks ago) will be leading the session. Doors open half an hour before the class starts at 6.45 p.m. Enjoy this 75 minute session for just 10 Euros. Inhale, exhale, and experience the moment.
Yoga Meets Art at St. Agnes | tonight 6.45 pm | König Galerie, Alexandrinenstr. 118-121, 10969 Berlin | 10 Euro, no registration required | Facebook