The best stomping ground for inspiration is the whole, wide world. Working in 12 different places spread across the globe in 12 months – in hammocks, at beaches, with breath-taking views, inhaling fresh air, eating local specialities and broadening one’s own horizon together with other cosmopolitan adventurers – well, it sounds like a dream. If there just wasn’t the pesky task of organising it all… May we introduce: Remote Year. A good handful of enthusiasts and digital nomads have recognised that happy people work well. That happiness has a lot to do with self-determination, freedom and space. And that in many professions, sitting in the same open-plan office with your team or starting your day punctually at 8.30 each morning is totally dispensable for doing your job really well. That’s why they brought the Remote Year to life with a first group of freedom-loving individuals in 2015. Now, applications for exactly that experience can be handed in again for 2017 (verlinken mit ): Working in unusual places together with 75 other world travellers. Accommodation, flights, transport, community events, activities and co-working locations with internet 24/7 are taken care of. Split, Phnom Penh, Buenos Aires, London, Lima, Hanoi… The world is your oyster! In this case, for 2000 Euro per month. What you get for it? The world. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us.
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