Kevin Junk

Kevin Junk

The 2 Minute Interview

Kevin Junk runs the incredible blog wolfauftausendplateaus. He writes about pop and sub culture, queer social criticism, club-culture, fashion and art and reflects on Berlin and the aesthetics of everyday life. He is Head of Essays at Im Gegenteil, writes about love & sex again and again for and reviews e-books and books on cultural studies with gusto for And as if that all weren’t enough, he also organises readings, is co-editor of the Übergang Magazine and has just finished his first novel. But above all, Kevin is goodness in person. We first met him at the muxmäuschenwild Off The Record gathering for bloggers. Who knows, maybe we’ll get him to write for us, too? We’ll be paying him with gigantic pieces of yummy gluten-free cream cake!For everyone out there who desperately needs a good read: We’re giving away three of Kevin’s bound “Berliner Befindlichkeiten” plus a neatly packed goodie bag! Feeling lucky? Send an email with the subject “MOOD: ICKE” to


Name: Kevin Junk
Age: 25
Location: Berlin
Occupation: freelance writer
Shoe size: 44
Favourite quote: Do something. (Susan Sontag)


Apparently wolves have re-established themselves in Germany. Ever seen one? I grew up near the Eifel; there was a wolf park there. Great Animals. And I have little wolf at home, too.


What do you think is the greatest problem of your generation? Lack of humility.


Your favourite curse word? Scheiße.


Describe yourself in one sentence, please. A wolf on the outside, a bear on the inside.


Have got any hidden talents? When I’m drunk I’m really good at writing poetry – but only when texting my best friend.


What do you spend too much money on? Records. I’m trying to find a good balance between 70s disco divas, 90s techno and current releases.


Which forbidden thing would you do if there were no consequences? Bans never prevented me from doing things in the past. But I would eat a piece of cream cake because I actually have a milk allergy.


Which book should everyone read? My Tender Matador by Pedro Lemebel. It’s a novel about an attack on Augusto Pinochet in the late 1980s. The characters are incredible: the dictator’s crazy wife, the radical left wing macho, an old pansy… a great book.


Tell us a joke! Ah, I can’t on command!



Which piece of art would you like to call your own? Apollo and Daphne by Bernini. An impressive sculpture. (I did manage to immortalize the face of Daphne on my skin in form of a tattoo, at least.)


Which personality (dead or alive) would you like to have coffee with? Klaus Mann, the son of Thomas Mann. He wrote some great novels.


If we came to visit you, what would you cook for us? Ceviche. My partner taught me how to make it. He is from Chile. Although Ceviche is traditionally a Peruvian dish.


What are you afraid of? Having to tell a joke on command.


What would you change if you had the power to do so? Abolish gainful employment and introduce a guaranteed basic income.


What were you recently moved by? The death of Pedro Lemebel.


What should no one know about you?

That I sometimes buy things at Tchibo.


Which question should we have asked? What book I read last.


The last words: “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom” – William Blake

Foto: Miguel Jara Yurazeck