Where the wild fellas guzzle

Natural wines can really be a point of controversy. Some say they taste of earth and smell like well-worn wool socks. Next! The others know that high-quality wine doesn’t need additives. That in the ever-growing family of natural wines there are plenty of palatable and classy wines that can certainly hold their own taste wise in comparison to top wines including additives. You just have to know your way around. And be up for treating your palate, your conscience and your head to something really good. Just like Ramses, Oscar und Tom – two Mexicans and one Norwegian, the unpretentious connoisseurs behind the new natural wine bar ‚Wild Things‘ on the corner of Weserstrasse and Elbestrasse in beautiful Neukölln. These are also the guys behind ‚Industry Standard‚, the restaurant with bar that is completely dedicated to really good and holistic cuisine, inspired by the Mediterranean. Now, they are continuing that concept: those who have filled their tummies with the delicious menus in the Standard can just lumber on a few metres and sit down for some indulgent wine drinking in the ramshackle bar that’s all about wines that have nothing to offer but great grapes. Luckily. It’s astonishing that many people care so much about origin, processing and organic production of their food – but wine? It has to taste good. Period. To be frank, we’ve tested it: it tastes good without sulphides. Without sugar. Without pesticides. Without fungicides. Without all the added bullshit. In the improvised charm of the bar with the popcorn machine you can now find that out yourself and let the international Wild Things team fuss over you. You should just drink. And not prattle on, the guys think. A wine should speak for itself. A very welcome side effect by the way: should your evening with the natural wines go on a little longer than you planned, you probably won’t be hanging quite so far over as you might have expected. Because normally, the hangover is caused by all the evil additives. And here, it’s just about one thing: good wine. Or, as co-owner Ramses says: ‚It’s just a bunch of pressed grapes, and that’s it‘.
Wild Things Naturwein-Bar | Weserstraße 172, 12045 Berlin | daily 6 pm – 2 am | Facebook


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Any plans for tonight?

Any plans for tonight?

The other day, we went out for a drink and we’ve been reminiscing ever since. It was one of those perfect nights. Great company, good drinks, rosemary popcorn and an atmosphere making you forget time and space. It seems as if The SCHWELGEREI at Sanderstraße has always been there. But in fact the bar with an exquisite choice of long drinks, craft beers and selected wines has only been around since April. A lot has happened since then: many legendary evenings of sophisticated boozing and a few regular and very special yet quite unusual tastings. Starting at 8 pm tonight, the Schwelgerei is taking things a step further in just the right direction. Food Journalist Peter Eichhorn is hosting the first Beer & Cheese Tasting. Pale, dark, mild, full-flavoured or malty – 5 beer specialities are paired with 5 different delicious cheeses provided by Fritz Blomeyer. Beer and Cheese? Yes, please! Book your seat for a mere 30 Euros and enjoy an evening of interesting flavours and anecdotes that will leave you blissfully merry and your tummies filled. We’ve reserved two seats at the table for the most adventurous taste buds. Quickly send an email titled ‚CHEESE AND BEER WILL MAKE YOU CHEER‘ to hurra@muxmaeuschenwild.de. Chin-chin!
Schwelgerei | Sanderstr. 2, 12047 Berlin | Facebook



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