Refugees Welcome!

For weeks and months now, the influx of people seeking asylum and help at European boarders has been exceeding any conceivable measure. The media storm shows images of horror scenarios and horrible suffering as well as solidarity and a „Wilkommenskultur“ (welcome culture). Although the public debate is important and necessary, it sometimes fails to get to the core of the situation. This is no longer “refugee debate”; it’s about real people with real stories in desperate need of shelter and sanctuary. And we can give them both. We don’t have the right to look away and wait for the next media hype to take our mind off this pressing matter. The stream of refugees will not simply end. We need to provide solutions – on a large political scale as well as on a personal level. Thanks to exceptional commitment and extreme willingness to help, many new initiatives have developed in Germany to support refugees. But to provide support in an uncomplicated, non-bureaucratic and purposeful way, a strong network of volunteers and projects is required. Which help is useful? What things are needed most? When and where? What help is even possible? What if I have a room or an empty workshop or skills I could offer? How do I find out where help is needed? For the past couple of weeks, the Social Collective based in our co-working area has been considering exactly these questions. Together we tried to find solutions to make help more efficient. The Refugee Board is what we came up with: an online-platform that provides an overview of current projects, contacts, useful links and addresses concerning the “Arrival in Germany” and allows people seeking assistance and people wanting to help to connect as quickly as possible. The Board helps refugees, supporters and initiators alike to find offers tailor-made to their needs and ways to connect with each other. The beta-version is now online and currently allows projects and initiatives to put up a description of services. So, if you are part of an initiative or would like to offer help, go to and sign up. A simple input mask enables people seeking help to find exactly what they are looking for via app or web – in twelve languages and with current contacts details. I am a REFUGEE. I’m looking for a SPACE in BERLIN. The Refugee Board aims to draw together as many initiatives and offers as possible – in Berlin, Brandenburg and eventually throughout the whole of Germany. Spread the news! Furthermore, a meeting point will be created to give platform users, refugees and project initiators the chance to exchange experiences, improve solutions and continuously expand the Refugee Board. We’ll keep you posted! #refugeeswelcome #refugeeboard
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