The Streets of Berlin

Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, any day is street-food-day. Like nowhere else, Berlin offers a vast variety of unbelievably good, diverse and irresistibly delicious streetfood vendors. The capital city is bursting with food stalls, food trucks, weekly markets and all sorts of foodie events such as Markthalle 9, Biteclub, Street Food Thursday or the Village Market (future momentarily uncertain). Hallelujah Berlin Street Food! It’s not easy to keep track of all the different offers – at least that’s how we feel – so we’ve created a website bringing together the who is who of street food cooking. This has the following advantages: First of all, you can find all the different vendors and see what they offer. Secondly, a lot more people can learn about all the great offers. And third, finding authentic street food for your own event has never been so easy. Being a capable event agency, we provide complete street food catering solutions and choose from our vendor pool. We take care of planning, the menu set-up, booking, support and coordination on site as well as staff booking etc. One more Hallelujah! Our first little version is online today. Yay! Go to, click away and feed your appetite. Your no.1 falafel guy is missing? Help us let the site grow by telling us about your favourite vendors. Or is it YOU that’s offering the best food and we haven’t heard yet? Tell us now! Oh, and if you’re still looking for the perfect catering for your Christmas or End-Of-Year party, bring it on! Either way, drop us a line at We’re hungry for your tasty input!
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