We want wool!

Do you knit? Not yet? Then you’d better get started with the »we are knitters« knitting kit. In 2011, Spanish wool lovers María José Marín and Alberto Bravo founded the knitting collective and have been committed to reviving the contemplative tradition of knitting ever since. Meanwhile, knitting has not only conquered the world’s biggest cities but has also won over our hearts. Forget the cliché of the knitting gran or the boring housewife pastime – grab some needles and hurl yourself into an artisanal adventure. The wool aficionados promise »all the happiness in a kit« and offer pretty little knitting sets for all levels including your choice of wool, needles and patterns inspiring you to create your own style with everything the knitting-universe has to offer: hats, scarves, sweaters, pillows or even Christmas decoration. From fabric yarn to merino wool, crocheting, knitting or petit point. Just follow the patterns or watch video tutorials on the website and learn new tricks and techniques. We thought we’d give the triangle scarf a go – seemed easy enough. Well, turns out it’s not. But it is loads of fun and we’ll get the hang of it eventually… And soon enough, we’ll be wearing it with pride!
we are knitters | knitting-sets for all levels | www.weareknitters.de | Photo: Pepita Teje