Can’t burst this bubble

We all remember happily bouncing up and down on those rubber jumping balls trying to hold on to the knobbly handles when we were kids. Well, VLUV makes bouncing balls, sorry, seating balls, for adults featuring great design, high-quality materials and elaborate workmanship. After bobbing around the studio on these stylish balls for the past two weeks, we’ve become rather reluctant to sitting on our ordinary chairs now. And best of all, they’re not only cool and fun, they also help improve posture, strengthen muscles and are perfect for yoga or other exercises. We did, in fact, get the recommendation for this seating ball from one of or favourite yogis… The balls come in a variety of fabrics and in premium leather versions too. We’re giving away a VLUV to the particularly wobbly ones among you in a colour of your choice. Send an email titled ‚I SIT, THERFORE I AM‘


VLUV Seating Balls | from 99,90 Euro |