We scan headlines in bold print to inform ourselves. We receive news by video and decide on which people are interesting to us by looking at selfies. Our pupils dart in all directions, looking, processing, selecting, next. Let’s turn off the lights. Darkness sharpens the senses – all the others, that is.  When we aren’t distracted by visual stimuli left, right and centre, we suddenly focus on the present, current. And this kind of attention is what art deserves, thought the organisers of the exhibition The Dark Rooms. And that’s why a six-hour exhibition is taking place in complete darkness in the Willner-Brauerei on September 3rd. The work of art alone is in the centre of attention. In eleven rooms, eleven international artists are presenting sound installations (Julian Laping, for example) and sculptures, 3D collages (like those of Jürgen Schwämmle) and installations, pictures and sculptural drawings (beautiful: Ralf Westerhof) – there is no limit for the medium. But there is for the light: each artist has only five spotlights to shed light on his works. If you want to contribute to art reception, send us an email titled ‚LET THERE BE LIGHT’ to hurra@muxmaeuschenwild.de. We’re giving away 5 tickets for the sold-out exhibition.
The Dark Rooms |  September 3rd, 4 to 10 p.m. | Willner Brauerei Berlin, Berliner Str. 80-82, 13189 Berlin | Anmeldung für 2017