The world through different eyes

The more the people in the world know of each other, the more they’ll appreciate each other. And the less they’ll fear and fight the unknown. This concept is as simple as (it is) true. Tens of thousands of people are currently crossing the European borders making their way to us in hope of protection and a better life. Their origin, what they have left behind, things that are important to them and what they have gone through does not matter in the context of a discussion about limitation and handling; a discussion about „the Refugees“ as an impersonal size. Hardly any media coverage gives us an understanding of the fact that we’re talking about people like you and me – people with names, personal history, preferences, concerns, fears and needs. For many (including almost all of the CEOs of major technology companies), virtual reality is the future of entertainment. While a 3D experience in cinemas creates a spatial illusion, VR focuses on replicating an environment and artificially creating complete sensory and illusive experiences to dive into while forgetting everything that is around you. On two exclusive evenings – January 19th in Berlin and January 21st in Munich –, the first Virtual Reality cinema will show just how powerful this kind of entertainment can be if used properly. Screenings will include several current VR short films of different genres and themes such as the award-winning short documentation „Clouds over Sidra“. The film tells the story of 12-year old Sidra who has fled her home in Syria and now lives in a refugee camp in Jordan. The special feature of this documentation is that it was filmed with a 360° spherical camera and therefore not only gives the viewer an impression of how the refugees live, it literally puts the viewer in their position: joining children in school or families during meals. That is ingenious. And important. And powerful. Both screening days are sold out with good reason. We’re giving away a pair of tickets for the 10pm screening in Berlin. Send an email titled TRY WALKING IN MY SHOES to
Virtual Reality Kino | Thu., 19.01. from 5 pm, PLATOON KUNSTHALLE in Berlin | Thu., 21.01. from 5 pm, Wayra Academy in München |