In 1990, Germany united. For the first time, a Russian astronaut flew into space on an American space shuttle.  Phil Collins was at the top of the charts and in Vietnam, there was a shortage of meat. This dire situation (not the musical one, mind you, we mean the food) is important because vegan nutrition alternatives grew from it. The vegan Vietnamese Restaurant 1990 at Boxhagener Platz has dedicated itself to this time and modernised tasty vegan dishes from fresh vegetables and exotic spices. The secret has been out for a while now that the vegan Vietnamese Restaurant Cat Tuong on Kastanienallee is the place to go to convince carnivores of the tastiness of vegan cuisine. So it’s absolutely right that exactly that team has now opened the second restaurant a little further to the East. The demand for good, agreeable ingredients – let’s spell it out: no glutamate of the devil is ever used here – is met all the way up to and including the tap water, which is spring water from a Leogant filter. So this time travel into the past is, at the same time, into the absolute present: tasty, agreeable, environmentally friendly and purely vegan cuisine, cooked in Berlin, inspired by Vietnamese tradition. The best advent cuisine, before the turkey and fondue get you.
Restaurant 1990 | Krossener Straße 19, 10245 Berlin |