So much has been said about this crazy cinematic roller coaster ride, the „coup of German cinema“, the „best film since Lola Rennt“. In one single 140-minute take the director Sebastian Schipper tells the story of the Spanish girl Victoria who meets four bad boys in a Berlin club and drifts through the city streets with them until the break of dawn. In the age of picture perfect and technically flawless Hollywood productions films are fantastic to look at but also decrease in intensity. Just imagine what a film like Boyhood would do with us, had it not been manipulated into a TV magazine aesthetic. Or how much actual horror would have been left in The Blair Witch Project without that shaky handheld camera? Film productions are compartmentalized projects with countless parties involved and too many responsible people focused on eliminating unforeseen occurrences. Under these circumstances we can barely imagine what it means to shoot an entire movie with just one camera – continuously, without one single cut. What if the lead actress forgets her lines at minute 139? You have to start all over again… It’s not like at the theater, where actors can quickly cover up mistakes with a smile or flippant remark directed at the audience. This approach is as radical as it is ingenious and its incredible success is well deserved. The proximity and immediacy of Schipper’s film has something rather magical to it. The film premiered at this year’s Berlinale and now is finally out for everyone to see. It’s playing at all our favourite Yorck Group cinemas such as the Passage and Delphi. GO. AND. SEE. IT.
Victoria – Film | Tickets  | Credit: Wildbunch Germany