If the thought of sweet potato pineapple curry, spicy fried noodles with cabbage peanut salad and chop suey vegetables or a seitan-patty burger with Fritz Cola sauce, cheese dip, tomatoes and roasted onions not only makes your mouth water but your heart beat faster, too – then you’re in vegan-love. Just like Cathy, owner of the vegan living kitchen Happenpappen in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel. Homemade vegan specialties are served here daily, plus gluten-free options that even make convinced carnivores gush! Monday to Sundays from 6pm is burger night with no less than 5 different vegan burger variations. No evangelism going on here, just cooking with a lot of enthusiasm for alternatives, a vast knowledge about the world of culinary diversity and the patience and wisdom needed to give the guests an understanding of vegan cuisine, if they so wish. The recipe here is 100 % vegan = 200% yummy! Deal!
Happenpappen | Lappenbergallee 41, 20257 Hamburg | Mon-Fri 12pm-10pm, Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 10am-5pm | www.happenpappen.de | Facebook


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Green Gurus

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-22 um 15.55.58

Oh my God, this is delicious! Crisp, fresh salad, tantalisingly combined with carbohydrates, cleverly spiced and beautiful to look at. But let’s back up a bit. At noon, our MMW studio regularly turns into a salad bar/snackeria/Thaiwiese. We slice, dice and spice hell for leather to end up full and happy, picking the crumbs off our chequered table cloth. Delicious! But also pretty strenuous and time-consuming. And then came the GREEN GURUS! They prepare fresh salads, snacks and juices daily in their kitchen in Kreuzberg and deliver them to our office – or anywhere else in Berlin – within 30 minutes. Close attention is paid to a balanced combination of ingredients: proteins, complex carbohydrates, good fats. Resulting in delicious food that leaves you feeling strong and fit instead of full and dull. Bye bye food coma! So far, there is a choice of three salads that change every week. ‚Little Istanbul’, for example, with Bulgur, roasted peppers, Ricotta, black olives, spring onions, cucumber, chick peas, rocket and Harissa-lemon-dressing or our current favourite ‚The Cobb‘ with romaine lettuce, roasted mushrooms, sweet corn, avocado, tomatoes, chives, celery, quinoa und coconut-blossom-balsamico-dressing. Yay! For breakfast or as a snack they offer quinoa yoghurt or oatmeal with strawberries and balsamico.  And here’s the deal: all three salads of the week are available at a super-skinny price of 5,99 Euro. If you want bread with it, it’s plus one Euro. Snacks go for 4,99 Euro. INCLUDING DELIVERY! Which is still free of charge at the moment and there is also no minimum order value yet. So let’s sum it all up: most delicious salads that fill you up, make you happy and cost very little, brought to you free of charge within 20 minutes. Open them up, eat them, finished. No further questions. This shortcut is as good as gold. And we can still blissfully pick the crumbs off the table cloth afterwards.
GreenGurus | greengurus.de

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If we generously overlook presidential candidates with blond second-hand hairdo’s and an intellect-allergy and a few other bits and bobs, we can all agree: many good things come from America. What Homer Simpson, Dexter Morgan and – according to the cliché – innumerable American police officers have known for a long time and are spreading into the world: One of the best exports from the states is the American punctured pastry, commonly known as the donut. Now Berlin just wouldn’t be Berlin if it didn’t offer a contemporary adaption of the sweet and glazed yeast dough pastry. Last weekend, the passionate bakers Bram and Jessica opened Europe’s first vegan Donut shop at the Maybachufer. What began as a small present for a birthday party has now become a business model for the two friends of the loop. After their creations gathered fans at various markets, they have now made their colourful dream come true with this small café. The long queue at the opening and the happy-yet-distressed post on facebook at 4 pm – „We are sold out of Donuts for now“ – go to show that there is a donut beyond all the grease! The 29 variations of Brammibal’s Donuts, from Speculatius to chocolate with pretzels, from matcha to blueberry-vanilla to vegan bacon with coconut, all do without animal content or additives but with plenty of great taste. Well howdy, that’s finger licking awesome or something along those lines!
Brammibal’s Donuts | Maybachufer 8, 12047 Berlin | Tue – Fri 8 am to 6 pm, Sat & Sun 10 am to 8 pm |
brammibalsdonuts.com Facebook


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Good stuff

Good stuff

Fashion is like art: Sometimes you’ll need an explanation to make it work and sometimes it speaks for itself. If you’ve seen the timeless, beautiful and elegant, sustainable Japanese-style collection by UMASAN, there’s no need to say more. So, we’ll just skip all elaborate and voluptuous descriptions and get straight to the point. In the end, it all comes down to good material – plain and simple. The unique label only uses PETA-approved vegan materials that are manufactured in Japanese weaving mills and tailored in Germany. UMASAN exclusively processes fast growing natural raw materials (ha, that’s actually kind of funny, editor’s note). And that is not only good for our planet and generations to come, but also feels pretty damn good. Browse the flagship store at Linienstraße 140 or the Archive Store at Bikini Berlin and slip on a new skin. We sure feel as snug as a bug!
UMASAN | UMASAN Flagship Store & Showroom Linienstraße 40, 10119 Berlin |  umasan-berlin.com | Facebook



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Prêt á manger.


Prêt á manger

Everybody is talking about vegan cuisine. And so they should. Overeating on cheap meat makes you fat, slow, ill, kills living creatures and destroys the climate. Vegetables are healthy and good and yummy. So far so good – but that’s not the whole story. Anyone who has ever seen the vast and sheer endless horizon of greenhouse colonies and vegetable farms in Almeria, Spain, get’s an idea of how little the reality of our food industry has to do with the romantic illusion of advertisement. There is no question that our approach on food has got lost somewhere in society’s quest for more convenience, more speed and more profit. Yes, it’s a fact that not everything veggie is good, not everything labelled organic makes it a good thing per se. But how do we eat right? How do we eat naturally without being held in dogmatic shackles? Yesterday, May 5th, THE BOWL – Berlin’s first Clean Eating Restaurant ­­– opened on Warschauer Straße in Friedrichshain, serving 100% natural food in bowls. The food concept goes far beyond a merely vegan diet. Raw and cooked food is prepared and served in a creative way, without any trans fats, white sugars or artificial additives. Instead all dishes are plant based, vegan, organic and natural, gluten free and made with essential ingredients such as coconut or palm oil. Each Bowl reflects the play of textures and unusual combinations, but above all, it displays the love of pure and wholesome food. Only fresh and untreated vegetables and fruit – as they were created naturally – are processed in THE BOWL’S kitchen. High Vibe Lifestyle is the flavour. It’s about making conscious decisions in every aspect of our daily lives, boosting our personal energy level, increasing strength, balance and wellbeing. Easily done, healthy and full of power. Nature is our guru. THE BOWL is located on the 1st floor above Veganz and Goodies on Warschauer Straße – and that’s no coincidence: The creators of The Bowl are the guys behind Goodies (who are now managing up to 10 outlets throughout Germany) and have taken things a step further by opening this restaurant. Just goes to show what healthy food can do for you. We’re hungry and on our way!
The Bowl – Clean Eating Restaurant | Warschauer Str. 33, 10243 Berlin |thebowl-berlin.com | Facebook


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One Pink Elephant

One Pink Elephant

Yoga teachers Heather Donaldson aka Daisy and Martin Riede, also known as Flippo, are from Ansbach, Bavaria. Being the “kiez-potatoes” that we are, we probably never would have heard of them, if they weren’t just about to launch their first cookbook and we hadn’t been able to get a sneak peek at it (past perfect + future subjunctive?!). Flippo and Daisy have known each other for years and have a similar story: loads of work, complete exhaustion, yoga as a lifeline, a professional reboot. Being convinced that a healthy diet contributes just as much to the harmony of body and spirit as exercises on the mat, they founded a yoga school and started a catering business at the same time. Pink Elephant Cooking prepares vegan, sugarfree, soyfree, sometimes raw but always freestyle meals enriched with superfoods for yogis (and non-yogis, of course) around the world. Apart from best quality produce – regional whenever possible and mostly organic –, love and enthusiasm are the main ingredients for their cuisine. It’s not unusual to find Daisy and Flippo singing aloud and moonwalking on the kitchen tiles that mean the world. But what’s most important: Pink Elephant food doesn’t only make you fit and happy, it actually fills your belly, too. And let’s be honest: that isn’t always the case with vegan or raw food, is it? Prior to the official release, we are giving away two copies of their cookbook. Send an email with the subject “THINK PINK” to hurra@muxmaeuschenwild.de and keep yoging!

Pink Elephant Cooking – Vegane Rezepte und Yogi-Weisheiten | 19,99€ | released on March 23, 2015 | pinkelephantcooking.de



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