Second Life

Eating from the floor? No problem. As long as we’re talking about old/reclaimed/upcycled plank flooring crafted and repurposed to new life – in this case a tabletop – by a company called Geyersbach. This is exactly what the furniture makers do at Kopenhagener Straße: Taking something that is old, full of history and apparently waste and turn it into something new and worthwhile. Geyersbach has a soft spot/passion for 100 year old pines that can’t be bought anywhere. They can only be discovered. The wood-seekers make most of their finds in Wilhelminian-style /Gründerzeit style buildings in Berlin and Brandenburg. With a lot of elbow grease and professional grinding power they then create a new function for old things that have seemingly served their purpose. Luckily, the ravages of time still remain visible after this treatment. The reclaimed wood from which Geyersbach crafts stools, chairs, benches and tables, speaks volumes about times long-gone/the past. That way long evenings of vinous pondering around the table receive new impetus: What might have happened on these planks over the last decades? Who danced on them, who threw themselves on them in a tantrum or whose slippers have worn the planks smooth and shiny? The story continues with inspiration from the past.
Geyersbach. recycled furniture | Kopenhagener Straße 17, 10437 Berlin |