Blaze of Glory

Gloria is a beautiful name. It is also the Latin word for glory and honour. It’s a biblical term, too, and stands for the Glory of God. These 6 internationally comprehensible letters are obviously of quite some importance and have inspired a number of musicians to write their personal hymn in honour of this mysterious Beauty. Bruce Springsteen has done it. And so have Patti Smith, Them, U2 and many more. It’s hard to believe that no one had the idea to name a band after her before now. Two German guys just wanted to make some music, got together, started a band and called it Gloria. One of them is Mark, the former bass player of “Wir sind Helden”. The other one is Klaas, the offspring of a German hairdressing dynasty and currently Germany’s most cunning entertainer. Together, the two of them make mellow, genuine and actually really good German Pop. At the moment, Gloria are on tour promoting their second album “Geister” and will be playing at the Astra Kulturhaus in Berlin on Sunday. Their concert on October 24th at the Grünspan in Hamburg was sold out so quickly they decided to ad another gig to their tour for the next day at Übel und Gefährlich. Get your tickets here Or send an email titled “Heilige und Hunde” to – we’re giving away a pair of guest list tickets for the Hamburg show on October 25th.
Gloria – Concert | Berlin, 18.10., Astra Kulturhaus | Hamburg, 24.10. / 25.10., Übel & Gefährlich | Tickets 21,50 Euro |