Vorsicht, bissige Hunde!

Okay, this is the first and probably only TV recommendation you’ll ever read from us. But it has its raison d’être. For one, our dear, dear friend Alex Eslam is part of the most beautiful couples cinematographic history has to offer (his girlfriend is the breathtaking Hanna Maria Heidrich, whom we introduced to you by interview a few issues ago). In addition to this, he is first and foremost an absolutely brilliant director. Not long ago, we visited the premier of his first feature film at the Kinosaal on Potsdamer Platz. “Bissige Hunde” (Dogs that bite) were in store – a nerve-wracking piece about a bank robbery in a small town, during which the investigating police officer suddenly realises that the surrounded bank robber is his own son, who has become caught up in a perfidious game himself. How far would we go to protect the ones we love? This is the question protagonist and audience keep asking themselves during these 90 minutes. The whole plot is orchestrated with such visual power, with an intensity so untypical for Germans in an artful combination of American gangster epic, Hellboy dialogues and Wes Anderson magic that it makes you ask yourself why the hell all other films “Made in Germany” don’t look exactly like this one. Dear “Tatort”-fans, please be strong now: this is what we expect from crime cinema in the year 2015 and if something like this is possible, then it is all we will want to see in the future. On July 4th, the flic is finally airing at 22.10 p.m. on the global channel SIXX. If you don’t know if you’ve already programmed this channel – this occasion is definitely worth the search. “Bissige Hunde” is opening a series called „Young Lions 7.1“, if once wasn’t enough you can enjoy the re-run at 3 a.m. We are mighty proud of Alex and his brilliant feature film debut. Enjoy!
Bissige Hunde | 04.07, 10.10 pm, SIXX | | Trailer