Tina Gerstung


The 2 Minute Interview

Tina Gerstung, née Haderlein, has counted exactly 1000 freckles in her face, is in a good mood most of the time, is madly in love with Berlin and since August 2012, she has been working as editor in chief for the Berlin based online city portal QIEZ.de (which is now also featuring one of our muxmäuschenwild recommendations once a month). Her life on the go is about to change: as of today, Tina is on maternity leave. From now on, she’ll „just“ be a mommy and housewife. And that in Prenzlauer Berg, too, as she commends ironically. Well, at least she’ll have plenty of time to bake cheesecake, write her next berlin travel guide and read all parts of  „Fifty Shades of Grey“ books yet to come. Oh the life of a housewife… P.S. Girl or boy?


Name: Tina Gerstung
Age: 32
Location: Berlin
Occupation: editor in chief at QIEZ.de, on maternity leave as of April
Shoe Size: 36
Favourite neighbourhood: Teutoburger Platz
Contact: tina.gerstung@gmail.com



What is the German noun gender for Kiez?  Kiez is masculine, no question. Just like to me, the event is neuter and the blog is masculine.


Where exactly do you live? In the almost picturesque Choriner Straße.


Do you sometimes catch yourself confirming a classic pregnancy cliché such as food cravings? I’ve had surprisingly few food cravings so far – although I’m already nine months pregnant now. But there definitely has been the occasional I-NEED-A-BURGER-RIGHT-NOW moment.


What is the current wallpaper on your phone?
 Kind of cheesy – a picture from our honeymoon on the gorgeous Maldive Island of Kanahura.


What are your three favourite shops? Uh, only three? Well, then it’s Ting for home accessories and gifts with a Nordic touch, my favourite Italian restaurant Trattoria Toscana for gnocchi with goat’s cheese and the Ruhepool for relaxing massages. And definitely the Du Bonheur for macarons.


What will you be missing soon? Shop openings and other fun parties in the evening.


What hair colours have you had so far? Er, blond, strawberry blond, dark blond – so basically: blond.


What superpowers do you have at night?  I can give birth without pain. (Surely, Tina will be teaching autosuggestion classes soon, editor’s note.)


What are you really good at?  Baking cheesecake.


What’s the best way to twist you around one’s little finger? Macarons, doing housework, pretty flowers.


What do you do when you can’t sleep? I get up, sit down in the living room with my nursing pillow and read.


When did you last do something that was completely selfless? Today, I helped an elderly and confused lady get on and off the tram.


What are you afraid of? Loved ones dying.


If we came to visit you, what would you cook for us? Something quick, a ginger carrot soup, maybe.


What would you change if you had the power to do so? The current state of the world.


What should no one know about you? That I’ve read the complete “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy.


Which question should we have asked?

  Is it going to be a boy or a girl? I’ve hardly heard that question at all, lately :) I don´t even know the answer to that question myself.


Last words: Something I always like to have.


Photo: Sebastian Matthias Weißbach