Colour your life!

Johanna Basfords beautiful colouring books feature delicate and extremely detailed illustrations and are the best way to escape the dreary grey skies. The young Scot is practically the queen of colouring books. And we are happy to colour as hard as we can to be received in audience. Dive into the »Lost Ocean« and get cast away in an underwater world full of organically intertwined shapes and structures that are brought to life with the touch of colour. Forget “colour by numbers”, this is all about letting your mind run free. The repetitive movement while colouring even the smallest little corner is somewhat meditative. After a long digital day at work, sitting down to this completely and utterly analogue book with a cup of tea just works wonders. And it makes the world a bit more colourful – or at least it helps to calm our minds and sooth our souls. Contemplative colouring does, in fact, have a therapeutic effect. It is the “Oooohhhhm” of creative hobbies, so to say. Johanna’s detailed little worlds make you take a closer look again. And there’s quite a lot to discover in this fantastic ocean such curious sea horses, schools of fish and drifting anemones. This is the perfect Christmas gift for anybody who enjoys colouring or just needs to slow down and unwind or simply for you. No kidding.
Johanna Basford: Lost Ocean – a coluring book for adults | 12 Euro | Amazon