Your body is a wonderland

The human body. A conglomerate of skin and bones, muscles and tissue. Warm, smooth and sleek movement. Corners, edges, curves, pores, tiny hair, a living and breathing organism. And, for photographer Eric Ceccarini, a fascinating canvas. The Belgian artist set his photographic career in stone with fashion shoots for major labels. Capturing the soul and unique character of each model was always far more interesting than simply focussing on their pure yet one-dimensional, physical beauty. Born from this need, this quest for the essence of humanity, grew the »Painters Project« on display from April 8th to May 3rd at the Hamburger Metropolitan Gallery. The photographer asked some of his favourite models he had already worked with to volunteer as a human canvas and invited more than 100 international painters to imprint their artistic expression on the living bodies. Striking three-dimensional works of art were the result which in turn Eric then again preserved in photographs. This method of working is new territory – not only for the photographer trying to capture the personality of the model on the same level as the artistic creation, but also for the artist who has to get used to a three-dimensional, organic canvas with its own movement, that breathes, changes with light and casts unpredictable shadows. The essence of what remains is a kind of artistic triumvirate: a model, a painter and a photographer – three equal parties to an artwork. The exhibition in Hamburg features 45 selected photographs that capture and convey the core of artistic creativity. The vernissage will take place on April 7th starting at 6pm.
The Painters Project von Eric Ceccarini | Metropolitan Gallery | Hamburg HafenCity, Am Sandrotpark 2, 20457 Hamburg | Vernissage: April 7th from 6 pm. Exhibition: April 8th to May 3rd | Facebook| |Photo: Eric Ceccarini