Weinmomente goes Munich!

When exactly does wine go from really good to perfect? That’s right, the moment you enjoy it! It’s not like we’re short of occasions to drink wine, but our favourite online wine shop GEILE WEINE is throwing a Kick Off Party in lovely Munich and is bringing along some of the finest drops it has to offer – and we’re not going to miss it! Not one moment of it. The event series WEINMOMENTE will be held regularly from now on in the Bavarian capital, too. YAY! An evening of wine tasting – but without all the shoptalk and spitting. Instead, the tasting is always linked to special events such as exhibitions, concerts, picnics, watching a football match and whatnot. Go to for detailed information about upcoming tastings. Tomorrow, March 5th, the cool kids from Mainz are getting things started at Tante Erna’s. Need we say more? Well, maybe this much: the opening will give you a taste of what to expect in the next couple of months. Enjoy all sorts of moments at different themed bars with good music, snacks and that perfect glass of wine to match every time. Admission is free.
WEINMOMENTE Kick Off Party | Thu 05.03.15, 19h | Tante Erna, Friedenstr. 10, 81671 Munich | Facebook >>