Gifts From The Soul

1986, Wham! gave away their heart for Christmas, 8 years later, Mariah Carey didn’t care for any presents and just wanted her sweetheart for Christmas. Today, we think a present or two is something lovely – be it to give or to keep. But gifts with soul, please. The fair fashion label FOLKDAYS from Berlin is setting up temporary shops with befriended brands and makers in the run up to the Holidays for fair and sustainable Christmas shopping. The counterpart to the thoughtless power-consumption during the heavy advent season. And there quite a few soulful names amongst them: The one-month-pop-up-store in the FOLKDAYS showroom will be housing fairness-favourites such as  Selo  with their refreshing soda made of coffee cherries, fabulous organic cosmetics from Und GretelConflict Food  with groceries from areas in crisis or the vegan condoms from einhorn Condoms.  So there will a lot more to shop than fashion and accessories and not only in Berlin. The B-Lage in Hamburg’s Kampstraße will be hosting the pop-up store with 14 different labels at the end of November and in the beginning of December, FOLKSDAYS is bringing the idea to Munich. And the best is yet to come: we’re giving away a shopping voucher worth 50 Euros for each of the locations to the particularly fair thinkers and givers amongst you. Send an email headlining ‚ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS GOOD‘ and the city of your choice to
Folkdays & Friends Pop Up Shop
 | Berlin:  November 24th to December 24th FOLKDAYS Store, Manteuffelstraße 19, 10997 Berlin,  Mon to Fri 10am to 7pm, Sat 11am to 6pm | Munich: December 2nd to 4th Freundschaftsbande, Hans-Sachs-Straße 5, Entrance Ickstattstraße, 80469 München, Fri to Sun 11am to 7pm | Hamburg: November 25th and 26th B-Lage, Kampstraße 11, 20357 Hamburg, Fri to Sat 11am to 7pm | |


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One more thing


There are more smartphones than humans on this planet. We’ll let that sink in for a few seconds… Why is that? Sure, the producing companies are per se interested in keeping product life cycles as short as possible. Which they achieve with two approaches. First, you create a desire through new models, new features, improved performance or modified design. Second, and this one’s really mean, the products are produced in a way that they can’t exceed a certain life-span. There could, there must be a different way, thought a family man from the Netherlands. He developed the most sustainable and fair mobile phone worldwide, in short: Fairphone. The modular smartphone, now available in its second edition with changeable covers, offers its users more personal responsibility and control over their device. It can be easily opened and taken apart. That way, you can change a weak battery or broken screen glass yourself or even just build in the newest camera yourself very soon. Without techie-fancy-schmancy-skills. Longevity is key! But the company from Amsterdam also has its eye on the entire value chain: from mining the needed materials (there are over 40 in every smartphone), design and production to the life cycle. Fairphone advocates safe working conditions in suppliers’ plants and fair salaries, uses conflict-free materials such as tin, tantalum, wolfram and fair trade gold and fights for transparency within the supply chains of the electronics industry.  That’s how we like our Smartphones these days. Of course, Fairphone hasn’t reached all of its goals in terms of fairness yet. But it is a best practise, a broader than broad hint for the entire electronic industry. Last Sunday, Fairphone founder Bas van Abel was awarded with the Deutsche Umweltpreis – the largest environmental award in the whole of Europe. The Fairphone 2 can be ordered here as of now and will be delivered on December 16th, in time for Christmas. This is the revolution we’ve been waiting for.
FAIRPHONE | from 523 Euro |

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Milena Glimbowski

The 2 Minute-Interview

Milena Glimbowski doesn’t really need an introduction. Since she opened Original Unverpackt, Berlin’s first package-free supermarket, she is always involved and usually leading when the topic is good, sustainable ideas that make our society, wait no, the world we live in better. The crowdfunding campaign for the implementation of Original Unverpackt was the most successful ever at that time – in meantime, it has been surpassed by Ein Guter Plan, a mindfulness calendar by…? Exactly, Milena Glimbowski. That’s kind of like James Cameron with ‚Titanic‘ and ‚Avatar‘, just with less water and blue folks. So if somebody knows something about crowdfunding and good ideas, then it’s her. At the moment, she working on publishing Ein Guter Plan in English, to then win over the whole planet. At the Fempreneurs Summit, she was one of the most inspiring and funny speakers ever and charmed us with her character and her thoughts. Enough reason for us to enquire about the future, humanity, her own (package) freedom, Anna and her circle of friends, sex, music and good books. Oh, and by the way: a fabulous Webinar with Milena took place last night on Edition F. Subject: How to be happier with less.

Name: Milena Glimbovski
Age: 26
Home: Berlin Neukölln
Profession: Entrepreneur
Shoe size: 35,5
Favorite thought: These are good times
Contact: @milenskaya on all channels

Is humanity on a good way? 
We don’t know the destination, but we’ll get there in the end.

Why should we be having children right now?
Because we left the Einhorn condoms on the beside table.

What does a human need to live?
Love. For another human, for friends, for himself, for life.

Which three things can you not live without?
Sex. Music. Books.

Be honest, how package-free do you live?
I do buy crisps occasionally. I’m into additives. And the Ritalin for my ADHS from the pharmacy is not available without packaging yet.

When is a plan good?
When everything turns out completely different but you still have solutions. So a plan b, that might even turn out better than the original.

Please complete: In the year 2070…
… there will be no war, no hate, no poverty, no hunger. Because the machine will have taken over the world.

When was the last time you truly laughed?
I had a heartache and talked to my business partner Jan about it. He stayed professional as always and sent me this gif. That helped.

What are you battling at the moment?
My health. When I’m too motivated and work too much, my body sometimes can’t keep up.

Do you know a poem by heart?
Pitschpatschnass, floh ich unter das Vordach, des Fachgeschäfts, vom Himmel floss ein Bach, ich schätze, es war halb acht, doch ich war hellwach, als mich Anna ansah, anlacht.

The most important invention of mankind?
Fire? I hate the cold.

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home?
Quinoa with sheep’s cheese and beetroot.

What do we need to tell everyone about you?
When I see a skateboard, I just have to hop on – no matter whether I’m wearing high heels or sneakers. I’ve ruined quite a few shoes doing ollies.

What should everyone have done once in their life?
Get lost in strange city.

What would you change if you had the power to?
I would let everyone switch roles. To look at a stranger’s life through their eyes creates understanding.

What should no one know about you?
How tall I am.

Do have some good advice for all of us?
Frequently question what you take for granted.

Which question should we have asked you?
How tall I am.

Last words:


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