Recently, in Neukölln. „One double espresso long shot to go, please.” “In there?” “In there!” 320,000 coffee-to-go cups land in the garbage in Germany. Per hour, that is. That makes 2.8 billion per year. There has to be a better way. Is what many clever people thought and started different projects and initiatives that deal with this problem and offer comfortable solutions to change our consumer behaviour. The most exciting at the moment is called „Just Swap it!“ by Boodha Project and it’s celebrating its pilot phase in Berlin. Gently and one step at a time, Ulli and Clemens wanted to start introducing their to-go-cups with a deposit to selected stores in Neukölln and Kreuzberg. The feedback, however, was so overwhelming that more and more café owners and passionate to-go-drinkers are yelling for a fresh supply and larger distribution area. The Just Swap it! principle is easily understood. All participating cafés, bars, etc. offer the ultra posh cups including lids and anti-drip rubber cuff in two sizes. The cups are made of biodegradable bamboo fibre, are dishwasher-proof, extremely light and super nice to touch. For four Euros, you can take the cup with you, the first hot drink of your choice to fill it is free (a small goodie for a good start). So basically, you have now bought a cup for four Euros that you can take with you wherever you go and have it filled up. So far, so good. The special part is, that you can give the cup back at any participating café anytime you want and will get your four Euros back. Because they’re nothing but a deposit, which is particularly practical when you’re out and about without your cup but suddenly feel a yearning for a coffee to go. No worries, just take a new cup and bring it back whenever it suits you. To make a long story short: Just Swap it! is a deposit system for to-go cups. And it’s one that can really work. For reasons not entirely unselfish, we have our fingers crossed that this project will take over the coffee-landscape in Berlin and later on, the entire country. In closing, here is a personal thank you: Dear Boodhas, Thank you for creating a to-go cup that is small enough that you can have it filled with a double espresso long shot without feeling like a complete idiot. Size does matter.
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