Coffee? Cocoa? Tea!

We’ve already expressed our love for selosoda in a previous article. For those of you that missed our praise, here’s the executive summary: selosoda is a refreshing and sparkling drink made of the sundried shells of coffee beans which are usually discarded or used as a fertilizer at most. Big mistake. Huge. Because the shells are actually where the full aromas and caffeine content are hidden. selosoda is super new, super sexy, tastes of oranges, wild honey, sweet melon and mild tabacco, has the same amount of caffeine as an espresso doppio and increases the yield of the Arabica plant by 50 percent. Period. Just in time for the winter season, selosoda is introducing four new delicious hot drinks. Let there be tea! The South American “Cascara” is also made from coffee bean shells and is fruity, stimulating and invigorating. To be honest, we’ve never tasted anything quite like it. It contains all natural caffeine and has a rather special flavour, which might not be everyone’s taste, but is addictively yummy for those who like it. The second novelty “Cacoa” is made from, yes, you’ve guessed it, roasted cocoa bean shells. Unlike the Cascara, which is carefully sundried in Panama, the cocoa shells are roasted here in Berlin. The result is a brew that looks and feels like tea but tastes super chocolaty, almost like a bar of fine chocolate with a very high cocoa content. Both teas are also available as winter tea blends mixed with spices such as anise, cardamom, cinnamon or organic bourbon vanilla, come in stylish amber glass jars and we think they make absolutely perfect gifts for anything and everyone. We’re giving away 2 sets of all four brews, so if you’d like to get a head start on your “Christmas shopping” or just treat yourself, send an email titled “COCOTEA” to Oh, and just in case we forgot to mention it before: this is really strong stuff! ;)


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