Say yes to tak tak!

180.000 people of Polish origin live in Berlin. There are a few Polish restaurants in town, Polish supermarkets, Polish beer at the Späti and Polish music. But what we’ve been missing so far is a decent Polish takeout joint – until now. Tonight at 6.30pm, „tak tak – Polish Deli“, the new Pierogi Paradise in Mitte, opens its doors on Brunnenstraße 5. And it seems this idea is uhm…very popular to say the least: Although tak tak’s facebook page reveals absolutely nothing concerning concept or offers of tonight’s event, more than 5.000 people (remember Spargelfest?!) have already signed up for the opening. So if you should find yourself stuck in a crowd of people somewhere between Rosentahler Platz and Weinbergpark that’s because everybody there will be trying to get their hands on the delicious handmade organic dumplings served in all kinds of traditional and modern interpretations at this teeny tiny little place in Mitte. But don’t worry, tak tak is here to stay and from tomorrow on, the deli will be serving scrumptious and substantial take-away on a regular basis. tak tak’s menu is as diverse as the Polish cuisine itself and in addition to Polish dumplings filled with meat or vegetables it also features traditional stews (Polish Bigos) and lovely aromatic Pierogi filled with fromage blanc and warm fruit compote. Smacznego, as we like to say in Poland!
tak tak Polish Deli – Grand Opening | today from 6.30 pm | Brunnenstr. 5, 10119 Berlin | Facebook