As green as it gets

Dear people of Hamburg, we are a bit jealous. No, not because of the Olympics – you go right ahead. And not because you’ve got the North Sea close by, either. Please – forget that. But this whole thing about Stadtsalat has got us feeling a bit peeved. Crisp salads made with fresh organic ingredients and delivered right to the office by bike at lunchtime – yes, we would very much like that in Berlin, too. Click yourself through a colourful menu or be creative and make your own salad from scratch by choosing from 43 different ingredients, some bread to go with that and you’re all set for a yummy lunch. The manufacturers themselves are actually quite surprised how well this is going down with you guys. The energetic pedeleros are already delivering up to 100 salads per day in Hamburg’s city centre. Starting at an order value of 15€, they’ll even deliver free of charge. So if you’re craving crunchy snacks instead of floppy burger buns and feel like doing something good for yourself and for the environment, you should order your next lunch at or send us an email with the subject “WAHTS SNACKIN!?” to We give away a 15 Euro voucher for your healthy delight. Hopefully this service will come to Berlin and other hungry cities soon, too. Keeping fingers crossed here!
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