It happened in an inattentive moment. Hand, phone, sidewalk, display bust. Strike, hit the soft spot, hello spider app. The crater landscape went from the home button all the way up to the display of the front camera. No more selfies. A catastrophe! Time heals all wounds? We couldn’t hope for that. A solution was needed, on the double! Our lifesaver’s name was Musa. The young man works in the field for iCracked and repairs broken smartphone and tablet displays, damaged loudspeakers and microphones. And he does this on house calls. The service start-up takes on repair assignments online and then forwards them to the technicians aka „iTechs“. Phone Doc Musa visited us in the MMW Studio. It took him 20 minutes to take our phone apart and put it back together again. Biggest challenge: not to mix up the differently sized screws – there were 21 of them in our iPhone. That, by the way, is the main reason why amateurs often fail when they order DIY repair kits and try doing it at home. The advantages of iCracked are obvious: the device is repaired on the spot – no sending it away and waiting for ages. You’re right there during the surgery and can look over the iTech’s shoulder. Because data security is always on our minds. All spare parts come with a lifetime guarantee and you get a free screen protector on top, too. The only downer: you lose the original warranty just like with any repair done by an independent workshop. We can live with that. We are giving away a free display repair to the particularly broken amongst you! Send an email headlining „SPIDER PIG“ to Let her rip, baby!
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