Activate your greatness!

Dietary supplements are mostly afflicted in a rather negative way over here. This comes as no surprise considering the chavvy, freaky and somehow uncool appearance of protein shakes, powders and bars alike. Muscle-Beast-3000 shelves are filled with products bearing characters resembling a crossover of Mr. Clean and the Incredible Hulk with a facial expression somewhere between perfect Hollywood smile and severe indigestion. And nobody really knows the ingredients, but who cares anyway? It’s all about the muscles – the bigger, the better. Blinded by all this it’s hard to get that these products actually can improve physical performance and help you create a healthier lifestyle. This is exactly what childhood friends and fitness buddies Julius Wolf and Jannik Stuhlmann set out to change with their brand HEJ focussing on transparency concerning ingredients and origin, natural genuineness and a refreshingly simple and airy design. Forget bulging muscles and the “Survival of the fittest” attitude – “Activate your greatness” is the new mantra that aims to motivate and help you achieve personal health and fitness goals more easily. For boys and girls! The product range currently consists of a high-energy protein bar that is very low on sugar yet tasty, two different protein powders made from pure whey protein and black chia seeds. All products are made in Germany and the Netherlands, composed according to latest nutritional findings, carefully processed and presented in recyclable packaging. The two founders gained their knowledge through the “Protein-Projekt”: a clear and simple web portal for dietary supplements and fitness products, with which they aim to promote the growing health awareness in Germany and offer a clear overview of the best products available. Oh, and by the way, this project has also been nominated for the 2016 German Founder’s Award. We’re guessing fit is the new sexy. Let’s do this!
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