The 2 Minute Interview

Bag and competition. Berlin is fashion – especially now during Fashion Week. All kinds of catwalky stuff is out for admiration in the tents, a lot to be shop-talked about at the aging on-and-off trade fair Bread and Butter and some real shopping and business to be done at the 10th Show&Order. Here, the name’s the game: look, touch, buy – everything is allowed. Even for the inclined consumer at the first Shopping Night by Show&Order last night. This important format was launched and is managed by Rhineland-born entrepreneur and whole-hearted mum Verena Malta (great name!). She is the CEO in charge of the fair, keeps herself fit with yoga, golf and running and on top of that has just opened a small café that goes by the name of SPATZ. How do you do it, Verena? We had a chat with her about new discoveries, fashion trends, fears, sweat bands, platform-Buffalos und her daughter’s puberty. Drama, Baby!

Name: Verena Malta
Age: 40
Home: Berlin/Cologne
Profession: CEO of the fashion fair Show&Order & mummy!
Shoe size: 39
Favourite article of clothing: a dress from Anni Carlsson

Which accessory would you never leave the house without?
Without my Tom Ford glasses, for the right perspective!

Who was your personal new designer discovery lately?
Anni Carlsson, Jasmina Jovy Jewellery and the shoe label aeyde

THE fashion trend 2016 or uhm 2017?
Jump around with mules & jumpsuits!

Your worst fashion sin?
There are a few :) – Platform Buffalos, Puma bomber jacket & sweat bands…

Are you living in the right city?
Yes! Between Cologne and Berlin with Rhinelandian cheerfulness and international metropolitan character – the perfect combination!

What is good style?
If you stay true to yourself!

Why is fashion important?
Anyone can do uniform. Fashion is for expressing and presenting yourself!

What do you spend too much money on?
Especially on high-quality basics and classics, but also for shoes, then there’s travelling and the many, many beautiful children’s clothes that my daughter is growing out of so fast!

What’s more fun: giving or receiving gifts?
Giving, of course!

With which famous person (dead or alive) would you like to go out for drinks?
Adele – my pal, the diva!

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you?
Fantastic quinoa chili! Tasted it first at „SPATZ“ in the Belgian Quarter/Cologne

What are you afraid of?
Storms during fashion week and the impending puberty of my daughter Toni – thank goodness she’s only coming up to 3☺

When was last time you tried something new and what was it?
Relaxed mother-daughter-yoga, the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

What should no one know about you?
What I did before I became organiser of a trade fair!

Which question should we have asked?
Why are you opening with the consumer event „Shopping Night” and what makes it so special?

Last words:
Those who sow shall reap and you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs!

Photo: Show&Order, Wüstenhagen