From Brooklyn with love

We’ve got mail. A letter sent from C.D. Hermelin in Brooklyn. The letter is typewriter-written on a single piece of paper and embellished with stamped hearts. It’s about the future and the present, about hopes and dreams, about a coincidental encounter. The last sentence reads “I think I’m good down here for a while“ – words spoken by the heroine of our little short story, but more about that later. The New York based author Christopher Hermelin writes „short stories for strangers“, calls himself the Roving Typist and travels around with a 10-dollar typewriter he bought at a flea market. Anyone can request their very own little story on the spot or sign-up for one on his website. Depending on the distance, it will take anything between seven minutes and a maximum of two weeks (shipping included) until you can enjoy your personal reading experience. It’s your choice to either give the author plenty of scope or give him detailed specifics concerning the plot – the more specific you are about the scenario, the more personal the story becomes. So far, Christopher has written more than 1200 stories for strangers – including a marriage proposal. Yes, these stories are the perfect gift for special people! 15 Euros is all Christopher asks for as compensation for his expenses. Anything beyond that is completely up to and what you feel your story is worth. Nina, the protagonist of our story, is currently doing an internship at this really fabulous agency in Berlin. Of course, the story doesn’t mention anything about how happy the agency is to have Nina on board. But that’s not what the story is about anyway – it’s about Nina. And a handsome stranger, the touch of his hand, a bird and heart-shaped clouds. ”I think I’m good down here for a while“. The End. Or maybe not…
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