Manu is Swiss, Jyri is Finnish. Cultural differences? Check. Lots in common anyway? Double check. The couple confronted the three biggest relationship challenges known to man: 1. Marriage. 2. A child. 3. A world trip. They documented the latter in photographs. Oh boy, did they! As director and digital media designer, they both have an eye for powerful pictures and know how to pack stories into moving images. Their short film »Voyage« is everything that defines travelling – in a nutshell. The pause to reflect. The smelling. The eye-opening. The tasting. The forgetting of time. Five minutes of the world that make you want so much more. But that’s not all. With the project nice to meet you, ntmy, in short, the two of them created a cinematic portrait of earth-dwellers, temporary change of perspective and illustrated broadening of horizons. Because Manu and Jyri not only took clothes, camera and cooker on their trip but also lots of questions: Who could be king of the world? Which object would you want to show to an alien? Do you own a weapon? If so, why? They posed these and more questions to people from China, the USA, Argentina, Guatemala and anywhere they stopped on their travels. Each questioned person added a further question to the catalogue. A moving-pictures travel blog is what they call it. Inspiring, connective and marvellously fascinating is what we call it. Have fun getting to know it.
NTMY, the project | NTMY, the film