Get a whiff of Berlin’s, Hamburg’s and Munich’s freshest air

Frau Toni should definitely ring a bell with any cosmopolitan who has a thing for fine scents. Her individually created fragrances are all made in Berlin, after all. In perfume paradise, located on the Kreuzberg-end of Friedrichstraße, 30 large apothecary bottles are all lined up and ready to be opened. The smell of lime blossoms and pure violets unfolds, as well as compositions with Berlin flair such as zesty „Berlin Summer“ or spicy „Eau de Berlin“ – the metropolitan zeitgeist in a bottle. Frau Toni is actually called Stefanie Hanssen and is strictly speaking the granddaughter of Antonia – the real „Frau Toni“ and an utterly wonderful smelling person. Together with her partner Christopher Niedermeier, Stefanie Hansson is truly dedicated to keeping the inherited passion for fragrances alive. For the KaDeWe-Group the two have now captured, reinterpreted and bottled up the scents of Germany’s three largest cities. Eau de Cologne is sooo yesterday… Ladies and gentleman, we proudly present: Eau de Berlin, Eau d’Hamburg and Eau de Munich. If you´re thinking subway, doggy doo and neighbourhood niff, you`ve got it all wrong. Berlin is vibrant and smells of bergamot, lemons and water lilies, cedar wood and cardamom. Hamburg, however, is straightforward yet elegant with maritime notes, spicy peppermint, fine sandalwood and iris. And Munich? Munich shines! Bergamot, white tea and rose blossoms mixed with fresh coriander, amber and musk. We couldn’t really make up our minds which one we liked best. Staying true to Berlin, we tried the bottled labelled 030 first, of course. But we have to say, 040 and 089 have indulged our senses just as much. We’ll just have to have them all! Drop by the perfume manufactory near Checkpoint Charly and sniff for yourselves. Shop at KaDeWe, Alsterhaus and Oberpollinger, order your individual eau de perfume here or be quick and send an email to with the subject ‚DES RIECHT FEI KNORKE DIGGER‘– we’re giving away three sets with all three fragrances for your olfactory city trip. Oh, and just for the record: you don’t necessarily have to live in the city to smell like it…
Frau Tonis Parfum | scent-box KaDeWe Group, contents: 3 x 7,5ml, varieties: 030 Berlin, 040 Hamburg & 089 Munich | |