I can see the light

Tomorrow night, our friends at sygns invite you to join them at Box Freiraum in Friedrichshain for the one-of-a-kind charity event. The artistic event titled “Turn the lights back on“ mixes Arabic history with light art installation to help raise funds for people in Syria. Besides music and social exchange, the centre of attention is the gigantic neon artwork displaying the poem “The drowned shadow of Ahmed“ written by Syrian writer and refugee Ramy Al-Asheq. The poem tells the fictitious story of Achmed who drowned in the ocean while trying to leave his homeland. The poem consists of exactly one hundred Arabic words. Each word has been individually shaped by sygns to form a neon installation and all of them are available for purchase during the event. At the beginning of the evening the entire artwork will be switched off while then each word sold for charity will be individually illuminated – the aim being to eventually let the complete poem shine in all its glory and literally make each word truly visible. All of the funds raised by the sales of the neon-words (ranging from 80 to 120 Euro) go to Save The Children, the leading organisation supporting Syrian children in need. Everyone taking “his” or “her” word home to find a new place for it will always remember that it is part of a greater whole, part of a collective act of support and solidarity. Not only will this adorn your walls, it will also make you happy. Chapeau to this positive and inspiring project!
Turn The Lights Back On – Charity-Event | Thur, 26.11.15. from 6.30 pm | Box-Freiraum, Boxhagener Straße 93/96, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain | Facebook