Just follow the white rabbit…

We had to give it a try. A texting service to help you make the right choice – whether you’re looking for a special restaurant, an art opening or the hottest party, the White Rabbit will get you sorted. Apparently, these two guys sitting somewhere – so we were told – are true Berlin experts and will answer your request within 5 minutes. Challenge accepted! We texted: Which is the nicest lake for swimming, accessible by car and no further away from the city centre than 30 minutes? A few minutes later we got this message: “If easy access is a must, the Groß-Glienicker is our favourite lake. It has a huge lawn for sunbathing and there’s a Kaiser’s supermarket just around the corner for picnic-shopping.” Yes, the Groß-Glienicker really is one of the nicest lakes. And we did not only get name and address, we even got extra advice on top. And we were actually communicating in full sentences (spelling mistakes included) with a real person. How cool is that! The White Rabbit helped us out with a few more questions (thank you, STANDARD Pizza was amazing!) and we must say: we are impressed! So, give it a shot and text your way through the city. But please don’t get too obsessed … remember what happened to Joaquin Phoenix when he fell in love with Scarlett Johansson aka Siri in HER? Follow the white rabbit, but don’t fall down the hole!
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