Panama lies in the Potsdamer Straße. In a back yard of a former brick factory building, to be precise. It’s lovely there. Bright and brilliant. Looks a little bit like a summer holiday. And it smells really good. So why seek far afield? Go there. To eat and drink. Because the Panama is the third gastronomical coup of the foodies from the Contemporary Food Lab. After the Katz Orange in Mitte and the Kreuzberg Deli Candy on Bone, the interdisciplinary visionaries have created a homage to the utopian story by the illustrator Janosch with this restaurant and bar. With “The Trip to Panama”, he invented a place that inspires wanderlust on the one hand and feels as cozy as home on the other hand. This dream-turned-reality in the middle of the highest concentration of galleries in Berlin doesn’t necessarily cook Panamanian cuisine, so you won’t find chicken-vegetable-stew or cooked manioc. But there are dishes that combine the well-known with the new and surprising. So you will be served brine shrimps or the famous and delicious Duroc pork. But they will come combined with blueberries, vanilla or rhubarb. You’ll find ingredients such as refining cinnamon blossoms, hues of curcuma, smoky notes of nuts, glowing beetroot – which coax totally new aromas from the familiar. Lettuce for dessert? You bet. With passion fruit, dark chocolate and coriander seeds. For 8 Euros. So we’re happy to quote the slogan of the small state of Panama: »Pro Mundi Beneficio«, »For the welfare of the world «. And to yours!
Panama | Potsdamer Straße 91, 10785 Berlin |  Tue to Sat from 6 p.m. | +49 (0)30 983 208 435 or | | Photo: Philipp Langenheim & Corina Schadendorf

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